PP Ethics

what is ethics and what does it typically deal with?

behavior is assigned what?

what does the public expect?

are there gaps?
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-licensing laws establish the scope of practice of practitioners

-licensing boards evaluate entry level qualifications required to offer mental health services to the public under protected titles

-protected titles such as:
"physician/ psychiatrist"
"marriage and family therapist"
"licensed professional counselor"
what to licensing boards monitor? _____% of psychologists will have to respond to a licensing board complaint you are more likely to have a what than a what?-they monitor the professionalism of licensed professionals -11% -more likely to have a board complaint than a lawsuitEthics committees are usually appointed by whom? Members of ethics committees? they may notify who?-professional associations -members serve without pay or reimbursement for expenses -may notify licensing boards and/or other organizations if it takes action against a memberwhen talking about who complains, ____% of current/former psychotherapy clients or family members of clients and were dissatisfied with the: ? (4 of them) 25% from who concerned with what? 15% from what other people?-60% -conduct of therapists -therapy techniques used -competence of the therapist -payment policies -from professionals concerned about the behavior of a colleague -students, supervises, private citizens dissatisfied with non therapeutic activities