Ecology, Water Cycle, Watershed, Pollution

Ecology, Water Cycle, Watershed, Pollution TEST #1

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A mixture of low atmospheric water vapor with exhaust, factories pollutants, and other coal and oil burning processes will produce what?
When water vapor cools as it rises in to the atmosphere and slowly changes back into a liquid.
When water lands on land and drains down hillsides. (It could also flow down hills in creeks, streams, and rivers.)
Run off
Alternative power options that do not add CO2 to the atmosphere:
Hydroelectric dams, solar power, wind turbines, geothermal, and nuclear power
When water lands on land and is soaked up. It is then taken under the surface of the Earth, eventually flowing under the surface into lakes and oceans.
What will happen to the levels or rate of the water cycle if the intensity of the sun increased?
All levels of the cycle increase - starting with evaporation.
Most of the precipitation that falls back to Earth will land on the +70% surface which is the _________.
Wetlands help move water ___________________ into the soil and under ground.
Wetlands are an important part of the __________________________________.
water cycle
What two things can lead to a very polluted watershed?
Agriculture run off and housing developments (more people).
When water vapor leaves a plant and rises into the atmosphere.
Gases that are in our atmosphere that trap the sun's energy and lead to global warming or higher temperatures are called _______________________.
Greenhouse Gases
Any contamination of Earth's soil, air, or water is called?
What are some examples of natural sources of air pollution?
Forest fire set by lightning, salt from ocean, dust storms, etc.
When liquid water rises off the surface of a body of water in the form of water vapor?
Small streams, creeks, and rivers that lead to a larger river are called?
What are some examples of power options that do add CO2 to the atmosphere:
Automobile engines, manufacturing factories, burning wood in a fireplace, and coal burning power plants.
These areas help with habitat for animals like alligators, provide shelter and mating grounds for fish, and help filter human pollutants before they reach the ocean.
Coastal Wetlands/Estuaries
The leading cause of animals and plants being placed on the endangered species list is?
Deforestation and/or the loss of their natural habitat
The beginning of a watershed is called?
Tiger drinking out of a jungle swamp.
Abiotic and biotic relationship (Tiger and Water)
If you were to choose a location for a landfill/dump where would it be?
In a vacant (empty) field far from a water source and humans.
When you think of a food chain a producer is eaten by a first level consumer, then this consumer is eaten by a second level consumer, and this consumer is eaten by a third level consumer. Which consumer in this example would have the highest level of pollutant toxins in it if all of these organisms lived in a polluted ecosystem?
The third level consumer; because it will eat more then one second level consumer, that each ate more then one first level consumer, that ate many producers!
A actual count of one specific type of organism within a community is called a _____________________.
When liquid water falls from a cloud as rain, sleet, hail, or snow it is called _______________________.
Human breathing in oxygen form the air.
Abiotic and biotic relationship (Human and Oxygen)
Building parking lots, housing developments, removing water absorbing vegetation from wetlands and filling in wetlands will increase the chances of __________________.
Legislation that was passed to help clean our air and water. Went form leaded gas to unleaded gas and cars needed to pass pollutant tests.
Clean Air Act 1972
Hummingbird drinking nectar from a flower.
Biotic and biotic relationship (hummingbird and flower)
A place within an ecosystem that an organism can call its "home" is called ___________________.
The end of a watershed is called the ______________.
A line in which water will be forced to travel in different directions (usually along the top of a mountain range)?
Drainage divide/ridge line
An area within an ecosystem where many different types of biotic factors co-exist is called a ___________________.
Monkey pulling down a banana from a tree and eating it.
Biotic and biotic relationship (monkey and banana tree)
Main body of water that travel toward the mouth, meandering (turning and slowing) as it approaches the mouth is called the main __________________.