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psy test # 3- chapter 14

abnormal psy
the psychiatrist who coined the term schizophrenia was
Evgen Blebler
what percentage of the world population is estimated to have schizophrenia
the term schizophrenia is derived from the greek for
split mind
schizophrenia is found in all socioeconomic classes. however, it is more likely to be found in someone from a _____ background
lower level
a person diagnosed with schizophrenia is not hospitalized, yet eventually shows complete remission of symptoms. this pattern is
typical of what happens in developing countries
the film a beautiful mind describes the life of nobel prize winner and schizophrenic John Nash. in the movie, Nash develops symptoms at age 20, prominent among them visual hallucinations. in actual fact, Nash developed symptoms when he was 30, prominent among them auditory hallucinations. whose experience is more like that of "typical" schizophrenics, "movie" Nash, or "real" Nash
some of both
Armond does not feel much emotion and does not really want to do anything. He has also completely withdrawn from his friends and family. this presence of these behaviors illustrates _____ symptoms of schizophrenia
delusions, disorganized thinking and speech, heightened perceptions and hallucinations, and inappropriate affect are examples of _____ symptoms of schizophrenia
Rosa is sure that her fanily is planning to kidnap her and take her inheritance. She has found her husband talking on the phone in whispers and has seen her children looking at her strangely. She is most likely suffering from
Antonio believes that the anchor on the evening news (tv) is speaking directly (and personally) to him. he even goes to the television studio to talk to the man. He is suffering from.
delusions of reference
one who believes that government agents have planted "bugs" in his car and are watching him from the trees in his backyard is experiencing
delusions of persecution
one who believes herself to be the Virgin Mary, come to give birth to a new savior, would be experiencing
delusions of grandeur
a man who believes his thought are being influenced by the disk jockey on the radio is experiencing
delusions of control
a woman who believed that the newspaper stories on political scandals were specific messages for her is experiencing
delusions of reference
Millie sees pretty colored butterflies on all the walls. she also hears gentle music (that is not there). the presence of these behaviors illustrates ____ symptoms of schizophrenia
the "erotomaniac delusions" of many stalkers -- that they are loved by the ones they stalk (even though those they stalk do not know them)-- are most similar to which kind of schizophrenic delusion
a schizophrenic who said "it is cold today. my cold is better but i got it from the nurse. she is a big blonde who lives in manhattan. i live in manhattan with Jimmy Carter" is experiencing
loose association or derailment
"the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain" is an example of
a schizophrenic who said, " it is time for supper, supper, supper. Supper is on in the supper room" is experiencing
disorganized thinking and speech
"jabberwocky" is an example of a
"I like to read books. I read a book about gilzbok... but they have nothing to interest me... it is just amudence all over again." This type of talk illustrates
people with deficiencies in smooth pursuit eye movement would be less able to
track an object with their eyes
a schizophrenic who tastes chlorine in untreated natural water, and then thinks that his wife is trying to slowly poison him is experiencing a(n)_____ hallucination and a delusion of _____
gustatory; persecution
a schizophrenic who hears all the animals around her making plans to get her ready for the ball, and comes to think she is Cinderella is experiencing a(n)______ hallucination and a delusion of _____
auditory; grandeur
the chief difference between hallucinations and delusions is that
hallucinations involve perception and delusions- belief
the most common type of hallucination in schizophrenia is
when Janice drinks her milk, she is sure from the taste that someone put salt in it. Janice is most likely experiencing a(n) _____ hallucination
a schizophrenic who is experiencing alogia is displaying
a reduction in speech and speech content
a schizophrenic who laughs when told sad news and screams in situations that most people see as warm and tender is experiencing
inappropriate affect
poverty of speech, blunted and flat affect, loss of volition, and social withdrawal are all examples of _____ symptoms of schizophrenia
a decrease in the fluency and productivity of speech, seen in schizophrenia, is termed
alogia or poverty of speech
in the middle of a normal, calm conversation, a person with Tourette's syndrome might suddenly begin shouting, then follow that with a string of obscenities. this is similar to the symptom of schizophrenia called
inappropriate affect
an emergency medical technician (EMT) arrives at the scene of a bad car accident, and calmly prepares a severely injured passenger for transport to a hospital while others at the scene are screaming and crying with fear and grief. the EMT's training has resulted in behavior similar to the symptom of schizophrenia called
blurt or flat affect
I sit, staring at a blank page, unable to make myself write a new multiple-choice test item; i just do not seem to care. my behavior is like that of schizophrenics displaying the symptom called
martin is a schizophrenia person who feels ambivalent about most issues. he has no goals and does not seem to have the energy or interest to think about them. he certainly can not make decisions. he is suffering from
loss of volition
a schizophrenic who is experiencing anhedonia is displaying
blunted or flat affect
a schizophrenic who is feeling apathetic, drained, and unable to start or follow through on any projects is displaying
loss of volition
a schizophrenic who is unable to recognize other people's needs and emotions and who does not know much about everyday events and issues is displaying
social withdrawal
a person experiencing lycanthropy derives special meaning from the phases of the moon, and believes the mood indicates when to have lycanthropic episodes. this is most similar to which symptom of schizophrenia
a person experiencing lycanthropy derives special meaning from the phases of the moon, and believes the moon indicates when to have lycanthropic episodes. those lycanthropic episodes are most likely to include
acting like a werewolf
the inability to move the limbs in catatonic schizophrenia illustrates ____ symptoms of schizophrenia
schizophrenics who remain motionless and silent for long periods of time are experiencing
Noreen has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. she is totally unresponsive to her environment. she does not move for hours on end and never responds to contacts from others. this is an example of
catatonic symptoms
lester is schizophrenic. he has not moved for several hours and when the nurse tried to get him to go back to his room, she could not budge him. Lester is displaying
catatonic symptoms
schizophrenics who hold awkward and bizarre positions for long periods of time are experiencing
catatonic posturing
schizophrenics who remain standing for hours and resist efforts to be moved are experiencing
catatonic rigidity
schizophrenics who wave their arms around in wild motions and make kicking motions with their legs are experiencing
catatonic excitement
the stage of the development of schizophrenia marked by deterioration of functioning and the display of some mild symptoms is called the
prodromal phase
a person i socially withdrawn, speaks in odd ways, has strange ideas, and expresses little emotion, but is not displaying full-blown schizophrenic symptoms. what phase of schizophrenia is this person in
prodromal phase
patients are more likely to recover from schizophrenia if they
demonstrate good pre-morbid functioning
Delia does not display all the full-blown schizophrenia symptoms any more. occasionally a shadow of a symptom appears. she is bit withdrawn and not entirely clear all the time, but she can marginally function in the world. this is an example of ______ schizophrenia
a schizophrenic who was mute, statue-like, and failed to participate in the hospital routine is most likely experiencing ______ schizophrenia
a schizophrenic who is unusually silly, engages in odd mannerisms, and grimaces is most likely experiencing ______ schizophrenia
a schizophrenic whose life is taken over by an elaborate system of delusions and auditory hallucinations is most likely experiencing ______ schizophrenia
Jerry suffers from extremely disrupted thought processes and severe perceptual disturbances. he also displays odd mannerisms, silliness, and has difficulty communicating. he is most likely suffering from _____ schizophrenia
Olive is hospitalized. she spends most of her time frozen in place. When she is moved by a nurse or physician, she remains in the position she is put into. this is an example of ____ schizophrenia
a common symptom of paranoid schizophrenia is
auditory hallucinations
a person with schizophrenia experiences less frequent emotional outbursts than before, and is beginning to participate somewhat in family get-togethers; however, some symptoms persist. most likely, this person's diagnosis is
residual type
according to the diathesis-stress model of schizophrenia
the data from twin studies have revealed that
schizophrenia has strong genetic components
recent research shows that if one identical twin develops schizophrenia, there is about a 50% chance the other twin will develop schizophrenia. if future research confirms this finding we will have evidence of
strong environmental and genetic components
based on family pedigree studies, which relative of an individual with a diagnosis of schizophrenia would be most at risk for developing the disorder
identical twin
what is the rate of concordance for schizophrenia in identical twins
what is the rate of concordance for schizophrenia in fraternal twins
if schizophrenia depended solely on genetic make-up, then compared to siblings in general "fraternal" twins should have
same concordance rate for schizophrenics
the data studies of the biological and adoptive parents of children who receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia as adults show that the concordance rate of schizophrenia with biological relatives is
higher than with adoptive relatives
for the first two weeks after starting college, a student can't seem to talk coherently, and is generally unresponsive to the moods of other students in the same dorm. soon thereafter, the student resumes normal patterns of speaking and social interaction. this is an example of
brief psychotic disorder
a middle-aged individual shows many of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia, and at the same time, often appears profoundly depressed. the symptoms have lasted almost a year. this is an example of
schizo effective
a person acts extremely jealous all the time, and complains bitterly whenever other people appear to be getting more attention. this had been going on for a couple of months, and the person shows no other substantial symptoms. the best diagnosis--- assuming of course the extreme jealousy has no basis in fact-- is
delusional disorder
if the dopamine hypothesis provides an accurate explanation of the cause of schizophrenia, one would expect that a drug that was effective against Parkinson's disease symptoms might
put patient at risk for psychotic symptoms
researchers found that phenothiazines reduced psychotic symptoms but also caused Parkinsonian symptoms (ex.- a tremor). this discovery suggests that
schizo affective disorder
a mother experiences "baby blues" shortly after delivering a child. the changes that she later will develop postpartum psychosis are closest to
1 in 1,000
recently the dopamine hypothesis for schizophrenia has been challenged because it has been discovered that
you have found enlarged ventricles during postmortem analysis on a sample of brain tissue. this is most likely to be evidence of
schizo inbolbing mainly negative symptoms
a new medication for schizophrenia appears to work because it blocks dopamine from binding to a receptor. this new medication functions as
dopamine antagonist
an individual's brain contains more than the average amount of cerebrospinal fluid. this is a sign associated with
above average likelihood of schizophrenia
since 1950, interest in psychological explanations for schizophrenia (as opposed to genetic and biological explanations) has
been abandoned but reconsidered
the finding that the highest rates of schizophrenia are found among people who are born during the winter supports which theory of schizophrenia
biochemical abnormalities
support for the idea that prenatal exposure to viruses causes (or at least contributes to) schizophrenia comes from studies that show
more affected people had mothers exposed to flu while pregnant
the viral explanation for schizophrenia suggests that brain abnormalities, and therefore schizophrenia, result from viral exposure
before birth
if schizophrenia results from prenatal exposure to viruses which cause brain abnormalities, then one would expect what kind of correlation between schizophrenic birth rates and stillbirth rates
strong positive
Freud thought that schizophrenia developed because inadequate parents caused their children to
Revert back to an earlier stage of development
according to Freudian psychodynamic interpretation, people who develop schizophrenia regress to a state of
primary narcissism
according to Fromm-Reichmann, schizophrenogenic mothers would be most likely to
Use their children to meet their own needs therefore confusing them and setting stage for schizo fruition
According to Frieda Fromm-Reichmann, schizophrenia is caused by
controlling mother
"if one receives a good deal of attention for unusual behaviors, is it any surprise those behaviors are strengthened?" is a question most likely asked by what kind of theorist
Iphi glowered, and when her son did not come over to say hello, she said, "what is wrong? Don't you love your old mom anymore?" this is a(n)
double blind
in 1949, Eddy Howard wrote song lyrics which included, "your lips tell me no, no/But there's yes, yes in your eye..." If Mr. Howard were correct in his observations, then he described
double blind
if observations of a relationship between "expressed emotion" in families and recovery from schizophrenia demonstrate cause-and-effect, one would predict that relapse would be at least common in schizophrenics whose families
don't express emotions... low stress households
which theoretical orientation holds the perspective that schizophrenia is a constructive process designed to cure the individual of unhappiness and confusion produced by the family or society
double blind message (Dr. R.D. Lary)