16 terms

SHS TIPS / Inferring

emotion inference
what the character is feeling or thinking
location inference
where the story is taking place
characteristic inference
how the character looks or acts
action inference
what a character or object is doing and why
object inference
what a thing is based on how it's described or being used
cultural inference
where a person comes from
time/era inference
when a story takes place during the day or in history
category inference
how something can be put into a group
cause & effect inference
how someone or something reacts or changes
literary inference
how something is related to another story or text
author's bias inference
what the author wants the reader to think or react
text clues
anything in the body of the text that can help make an inference
text features
pictures, titles or other extra items that hint at what the text will be about; help make a prediction
background knowledge
experiences or information that a reader brings to the text; what a reader knows before reading
a specific, clear inference from obvious text clues
an inference that puts clues together or uses few clues to make a bigger meaning