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salve, salvete


sino, sinere, sivi

i allow

viso, visere, visi

i visit

conficio, conficere, confeci

i finnish

intersum, interesse, interfui +dat

i am among, i take part in

clarus, a, um

clear, bright, famous

ingenious, a, um

talented, clever

latus, a, um

wide, broad



aliquis, aliquid

someone, something

epistola, ae, f


dominus, i, m


atrium, i, n


ingenium, i, n

character, talent

studium, i, n


tablinum, i, n

study (the room)

aedes, aedium, f, pl


orator, oratoris, m

orator, speaker

soror, sororis, f


dies, diei, m


meridies, meridiei, m



every day

res, rei, f

thing, matter, property

respublica, reipublicae, f

the republic

re vera

in truth, in fact, really

spes, spei, f


peto, petere, petivi

i seek, ask, pursue

quaero, quaerere, quaesivi

i look for, ask

arcesso, arcessere, arcessivi

i summon

colo, colere, colui

i cultivate

pono, ponere, posui

i put

cupio, cupere, cupivi

i desire

rapio, rapere, rapui

i seize

aperio, aperire, aperui

i open

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