20 terms

Reading book summary two

a living corpse
a small english town
a 18 century rifle
a small knife
how many died at netherfield park
how people died in the hosehold
how many people have thy encontered
where did the group go to dance
the ballroom
when did they look for civilazation
when they saw meryton
a group of people after the infect
why did the group go to netherfield park
to eat with other survivors
what did the survivors use for transportation
a horse drawn wagon
how did the group get the invatation to go to netherfield park
by a letter
why was the road leading to netherfield park not safe
there was a lot of zombie
what is a way of killing a zombie
hit it in the head
why did the survivors feel confident
because they have my numbers in strength
why was every one talking behind everybody backs
they didnt trust each other
is it safe to stay in one place too long
no it it not safe to do that
why did the kitchen get attacked
they left the door open too long
is it better better to travel
yes it is safer to travel