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a living corpse


a small english town


a 18 century rifle


a small knife

how many died at netherfield park


how people died in the hosehold


how many people have thy encontered


where did the group go to dance

the ballroom

when did they look for civilazation

when they saw meryton


a group of people after the infect

why did the group go to netherfield park

to eat with other survivors

what did the survivors use for transportation

a horse drawn wagon

how did the group get the invatation to go to netherfield park

by a letter

why was the road leading to netherfield park not safe

there was a lot of zombie

what is a way of killing a zombie

hit it in the head

why did the survivors feel confident

because they have my numbers in strength

why was every one talking behind everybody backs

they didnt trust each other

is it safe to stay in one place too long

no it it not safe to do that

why did the kitchen get attacked

they left the door open too long

is it better better to travel

yes it is safer to travel

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