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60 terms

FAA Things to remember

The definition of nighttime is?
1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise.
What V speed will provide the greatest gain in altitude in the shortest distance?(i.e best angle of climb)(Altitude over Distance)
weather conditions should be expected beneath a low-level temperature inversion layer when the relative humidity is high?
Smooth air, poor visibility, fog, haze, or low clouds
The amount of water vapor which air can hold depends on the?
air temperature
What is the lowest altitude permitted for acrobatic flight?
1,500 feet AGL.
Daylight Savings Time
Standard Time
What effect does high density altitude, as compared to low density altitude, have on propeller efficiency and why?
Efficiency is reduced because the propeller exerts less force at high density altitudes than at low density altitudes.
One of the most easily recognized discontinuities across a front is?
a change in temperature.
How is engine operation controlled on an engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller?
The throttle controls power output as registered on the manifold pressure gauge and the propeller control regulates engine RPM.
How many Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites are required to yield a three dimensional position (latitude, longitude, and altitude) and time solution?
When reading METAR remarks, TEMP and dew point is given as T10081016. What does the first digit in the series of each 4 represent?
The first digit is whether the temp is negative. For instance, T10081016 broken down, looks like this. 1008 1016 -> -0.8C and -1.6C
What happens to your altimeter when flying through cool temperatures?
On Cool Days, the altimeter will indicate a altitude higher than you actually are. Hot to Cool, look bellow.
What happens to your altimeter when flying through warm temperatures?
Pressure is lower, so your Altimeter indicates that you are higher than you really are. "Cold to Hot - look to the TOP"
Max Landing Gear Operational Speed
Airmen are found in what section of the FAA Advisory?
Air Traffic Control and General Operations are found in what section of the FAA Advisory?
What V speed will provide the greatest rate of climb?(Altitude over Time)
An abnormally high engine oil temperature indication may be caused by?
the oil level being to low.
If engine oil temperature and cylinder head temperature gauges have exceeded their normal operating range, the pilot may have been operating with?
Too much power and the mixture to lean.
What will aid in cooling the engine, while over heating.
enrich the fuel mixture.
How is engine operation controlled on a engine equipped with a constant-speed propeller?
The throttle controls power output and as registered on the manifold pressure gauge and the propeller control regulates engine rpm.
Longitudinal Axis
Undershoot North, Overshoot South. In the Northern Hemisphere. When turning out of a North heading, the compass will want to turn in the opposit direction of travel. When turning out of a South heading, the compass will tend to turn faster than your actual rate of turn.
Lost Radio Communication Transponder Code
ELT Freqs
121.5 and 243.0
What is the lowest altitude permitted for acrobatic flight?
Hijacking Transponder Code
Lapse Rate(temp)
2°c per 1000ft
Lapse Rate(mercury)
1" per 1000ft
Vis dropped to 1sm
Military Interceptor Transponder Code
FAA Advisory Circulars can be obtained from where?
U.S Government Printing Office
General Emergency Transponder Code
Airspace are found in what section of the FAA Advisory?
Air Defense Identification Zone
Hazardous In flight Weather Advisory Service
Standard VFR Transponder Code
Maximum Maneuvering speed. Found using following Formula. Vs1∗√3.8G
Reference speed for final approach. 1.3∗Vso
Blue Airport Icon
Has Tower.
Magenta Airport Icon
No Tower.
What condition is more favorable to carburetor icing?
Temperatures between 20F and 70F and high humidity.
The operating principle of float-type carburetors is based on the?
difference in air pressure at the venturi throat and the air inlet.
What happens to the fuel/air when carburetor heat is applied.
The mixture becomes increasing rich.
What does adjusting the fuel/air mixture accomplish?
it decreases the fuel flow in order to compensate for decrease air density.
Detonation occurs in a reciprocating aircraft engine when?
the unburned charge in the cylinders explodes instead of burning normally.
The uncontrolled firing of the fuel/air charge in advance of normal spark ignition is know as?
What is the minimum visibility for a pilot to receive a land and hold short(LAHSO) clearance?
To act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers, a pilot must show by logbook endorsement the satisfactory completion of a flight review or completion of a pilot proficiency check within the preceding?
24 calendar months.
Flight crewmembers are required to keep their safety belts and shoulder harnesses fastened during?
takeoffs and landings.
No person may operate an aircraft in acrobatic flight when the flight visibility is less than?
3 miles.
Completion of an annual condition inspection and the return of the aircraft to service should always be indicated by?
an appropriate notation in the aircraft maintenance records.
Large accumulations of carbon monoxide in the body will result in?
loss of muscular power
What is meant by the term 'dewpoint'?
The temperature to which air must be cooled to become saturated.
Transcribed Weather Broadcasts (TWEBs) may be monitored by tuning the appropriate radio receiver to certain
VOR and NDB frequencies.
What information is contained in a CONVECTIVE SIGMET?
Tornadoes, embedded thunderstorms, and hail 3/4 inch or greater in diameter.
When does P-factor cause the airplane to yaw to the left?
When at high angles of attack.
When the course deviation indicator (CDI) needle is centered during an omnireceiver check using a VOR test signal (VOT), the omnibearing selector (OBS) and the TO/FROM indicator should read?
0° FROM or 180° TO, regardless of the pilot's position from the VOT.
Below FL180, en route weather advisories should be obtained from an FSS on?