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Abnormal Ch 11-15

the disorder that is characterized by eating binges followed by forced vomiting is called
bulimia nervosa
Carol has become very afraid of being overweight. She has recently reduced her food intake although she feels hungry all the time. As a result, her weight has dropped sharply below average, but she still believes that she is overweight. Carol is most likely experiencing:
anorexia nervosa
According to the DSM-IV-TR, to be diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, a person's weight loss must be at least _____ % below normal.
a person who stopped eating candy and other sweets, then gradually eliminated other foods until the person was eating almost nothing could be experiencing:
restricted-type anorexia nervosa
What is the first type of food usually eliminated from the diet of the developing anorexic person?
sweets and fattening snacks
A person who loses weight by forcing herself to vomit after meals or by using laxatives, and who otherwise fits the definition of anorexia is experiencing:
What % of individuals with anorexia die from medical complications?
The peak age for the onset of anorexia nervosa is:
The primary motivating emotion a person with anorexia experience is:
a modern explanation of why many anorexic people continually have food-related thoughts and dreams is that:
food deprivation
the most common cognitive disturbance in anorexia nervosa is:
distorted body image
If you were looking at a photograph of yourself and adjusting the size until you thought the picture looked like you, you would most likely be participating in an assessment of you:
accuracy in estimating body size
a patient in therapy who eats exactly eight pieces of bread that he or she has carefully made into balls of equal diameter is displaying a symptom of anorexia nervosa related to:
obsessive-compulsive patterns
misusing diuretics and laxatives following a binge is a symptom of the _____ type of bulimia nervosa:
someone who fasts or exercises strenuously following a binge is engaging in:
non-purging type
bulimia is always characterized by:
uncontrollable eating
if an anorexic woman has lanugo, what has happened?
ludocious-> fine silky hair on body
the central featuure of bulimia nervosa is:
binge eating followed by compensatory behavior
the best diagnosis for a woman who regularly eats a whole pizza, a carton of ice cream, and a box of donuts at one sitting, then forces herself to throw it all up is:
purging-type bulemia nervosa
Whora binges almost every day. Cookies, cake, ice cream, and almost anything else that is sweet goes down her throat. Sometime during the binge she takes a huge dose of a laxative o that she will "empty out" the food. This set of assumptions would lead to a diagnosis of:
If binge eating if followed by a period of strenuous exercise to compensate for the food, the diagnosis is probably:bulimia nervosa
non-purging type bulimia nervosa
people who are often overweight and regularly binge eat without compensatory behaviors are experiencing:
binge eating disorder
if a friend of yours had bulimia nervosa and engaged in frequent binges, about how many of his or her binges per week would you expect to witness yourself?
In terms of emotions, the pattern common in bulimia from prebinge, through binge, to postbinge is best describes as:
tension and irritability-> pleasure-> extreme guilt and depression
for people with bulimia nervosa, binge episodes produce feelings of:
guilt and depression
how successful are compensatory behaviors in controlling weight?
repeated vomiting/appear sasiated
what is the most likely explanation for the different explanations of eating disorders in men and women?
male eating disorder are tied to work or sports
similiarities between bulimia and anorexia include:
begin after period of dieting; fear of obesity
one medical problem linked to bulimia nervosa is:
tooth loss
the medical problem that is about twice as frequent in anorexic women as it is in bulimic women is:
the currently accepted view of anorexia is that is cause is:
multi demensional
if one found that the avg. weight and size of cheerleaders had declined significantly over the years, and that those who aspired to be cheerleaders had a high level of eating disorders, one would have evidence for_____causes of eating disorders.
which processional are most at risk for an eating disoder
actors and athletes
in one study, prospective parents rated a picture of a chubby child as less _____ than an average weight child
friendly, energetic, intelligent and desirable
research on doll choice in preschoolers shows that
preschool children consistantly choose the skinny doll over the chubby doll
family members are overinvolved in each other's lives, but are affectionate and loyl. this description fits Minuchin's definition of an:
enmeshed family pattern
Savador Minuchin describes a family system in which members are overly involved in each other's affairs. It is known as the:
enmeshed family pattern
the important contribution to the treatment of eating disorders mde by Hilde Bruch combines which theorectical frameworks?
psychodynamic and cognitive disturbances
what underlies Bruch's ego deficient biew of eating disorders is a sense of:
lack of control over lives and miperception of intenrnal cues
Burch's research suggests that when people with eating disorders are anxious or upset, they thing thehy are
support for the idea that mood disorders set the stage for eating disorders comes from evidence that shows:
high rate mood disorders
the levels of brain _____ are low in many people with depression and in eating disorders
the part of the brain most closely associated with the control of eating and body weight is the
when an experienter stimulates a rat's lateral hypothalamus, the most likely result is:
when an experiementer stimulaes a hungr rat's ventromedial hyptothalamus, the mnost problably short-term result is:
reduces hunger
according to the weight set point theory, the consequences of dieting to below one's weight set point are:
increasing urge to binge
a person's "weight set point" is
"weight thermostat" responsible for keeping an individual at a particular weight
the first step in treating anorexia nervosa is to:
person begins to regain loss weight
the treatment that has been the most popular for restoring weight among anorexic persons is:
supported nurse care and high calorie diet
anoretic patient receive a gradually increasing diet over the course of several weeks, encouragement, education, and reassurance that they will not become obese. The form of therapy they are receiving is:
supportive nursing care
all treatments for anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa share the long-term common goal of:
addressing the underlying causes of the disorder
if a therapist were trying to help a bulimic patient recognize and change her maladaptive attitudes toward food, weight, eating, and body shape, the tehrapist would most likely be practicing:
cognitive therapy
all the treatment methods for bulimia nervosa share the immediate goal of:
assisting clinets to eliminate bing/purge patterns
tanya is a behavioral therapist who exposes bulimic pateitns to situations that usually cause binge episodes and then prevents them from binge eating. the technique that she is using is called:
exposure and response prevention
a therapist who sat with the bulimic patient while the patient ate appropriate quantities of "forbidden" foods, and then stayed until the patient no longer had the urge to purge would be practicing:
exposure and response prevention
the medication most helpful in the treatment of bulimia is an:
antidepressants prozac and fluoxetine
relapse for both bulimia and anorexia is most likely triggered by
life stresses
the hallucinations and disortions of perception some drugs produce are called:
a college professors work performance recently has deteriorated, and the professor's colleagues find the professor difficult to talk to. if this is due to a problem with drugs, the best description of this professor's behavior as detailed above would be
substance abuse
a frequent drug user finds that more and more drug is necessary to produce the same "high" that much lower doses once produced. that drug user is developing:
the long-term pattern of maladaptive behavior caused by the regular use of some chemical or drug is called:
substance abuse
melanie has taken a lot of the drug that she was offered and in spit of being obviously uncoordinated and under the influence she wants to drive her car.
intoxication is abtually a form of:
mendon began by taking one amphetamine a day to control his appetite. after a month or so it did not work as well but two pills did. this is an example of:
jenny simply cannot get up in the morning without her uppers. she feels she must take them every day. she has:
substance dependance/addiction
a newly developed drug causes users to lose some muscle control, slurring their speech and slowing central nervous system activity. most likely this new drug is a:
alcohol works as a central nervous system depressant by:
binding to neuron receptors
if all you know about someone is that the person has been binge drinking in the past month, then you know the person had at least:
five drinks at a time and probably male
women tolerate alcohol less well than men because
less alcohol dehydrogenase (stomach enzyme)
the blood-alcohol level that typically produces the symptoms of intoxication is ____ of the blood volume
a person has ingested enough ethyl alcohol to lose consciousness, but not enough to produce death. the probably alcohol concentration in that person (in % of blood volume) is:
a friend of yours who has been doing some recent heavy drinking asks you what to do to "sober up" as quickly as possible. your best answer would be:
time and metabolism
one sobers up sooner than another the same gender and weight. This difference is most likely due to:
A full time college student has just become a college dropout. The chances that alcohol was a factor in the dropout is about:
1 in 4
One study shows that, in "substance-free" dorms, the percent of students who are binge drinkers is:
Perhaps the most important criticism of studies of binge drinking is that they:
rely on student self-reports
according to a recent study by Henry Wechsler, the best predictor of college binge drinking is:
living in a frat or sorority hours
the severe withdrawl symptoms seen in alcohol withdrawal are known as:
delirium tremens
a person you know has just started experiencing delirium tremens. probably they will last:
2-3 days
in what proportion of suicides and rapes in the US does alcoholism play a role?
the scarring of the liver caused by alcohol consumption is known as:
a combination of alcohol abuse and a vitamin B deficiency can lead to:
serious drinker. huge memory lapses. she makes up wild stories to help fill in what she doesn't remember. this syndrome:
drinking alcohol during pregnancy can damage the developing embryo and fetus, resulting in
fetal alcohol syndrome
nan took the drug she was handed and in a few mins felt calm and drowsy, and then went to sleep. she probably took a:
sedative-hypnotic drug
a pattern of mental retardation, head and facial deformities, heart defects, and slow growth characterizes one with
fetal alcohol syndrome
barbituarates were first prescribed to help people:
to light anxiety to help people sleep
the part of the brain that appears to be affected by high doses of barbituartes is the:
reticular formation
barbituarates primarily affect the neurotransmitter:
because of the likelihood of convulsions, withdrawal from _____ is especially dangerous.
a wounded veteran of the US Civil War suffering from "soldiers' disease" most likely was suffering from:
addiction to morphine
If a physician wanted to relieve anxiety with a lesser risk of drowsiness, overdose, and slowed breathing, the physicians would prescribe:
"a powerful remedy for coughs," stated an advertisement in a 1903 medical journal, referring to a drug developed by the Elberfeld Company, called:
a friend says, "I want to minimize my risks of organ damage and long-lasting mental change," and then asks, "what kind of drug should I most avoid?" Your best answer is:
the drug with the lowest risks for drug dependency and long-term behavioral change is:
after the accident, kendra was taken to the hospital with broken legs and arms. they almost immediately gave her a shot that reduced her pain. the shot was probably:
all the opioid drugs are known as:
serina has just had a shot of heroin. she feels intense pleasure very quickly. this is:
The drug which would produce effect similar to what the neurotransmitters called endorphins produce--- pleasurable, calming feelings--- is:
during his first night in the detoxification unit, Quent developed what seemed like a case of the flu. he ached all over and had diarrhea. he was probably withdrawing from:
a person who has injected a narcotic feels relaxed, happy, and unconcerned about food, sex, or other bodily needs. this person is experiencing what is known as:
a heroin overdose is likely to occur when:
one has been without heroin for a period of time, then takes usual dose
why is the risk transmitting AIDS an important factor for heroin users?
dirty needles
in the past 25 years, the rate of opioid addiction in the US has:
down and up at least twice
mario felt awake and alive and as though he could conquer the world after taking:
about what percent of the population becomes dependent on cocaine at some point in their lives?
the withdrawal symptoms that persist for more than a few weeks are likely to result from addiction to:
ellen stopped taking her regular amount of cocaine after using it for months. she will probably experience:
depression and fatigue
free-basing has the effect of making cocaine:
more concentrated
"why is crack becoming more popular in the high schools?" a friend asks. your best data-based reply is:
its cheap and fast
if you were tring to convince a friend not to be a cocaine user, what would you cite as the greatest risk coming from cocaine use?
overdose effects
amphetamine users run an unusually high risk of beoming dependent because amphetamines:
produce drug tolerance quickly
a friend asks you for advice on how to stop smoking. based on the data, your best advice for your friend would be:
aversion therapy
the stimulant used by more people in the world than any other is:
how many cups of coffee would one have to drink to produce seizures and respiratory or circulatory failure?
100 cups of coffee
consumption of which drug has dcreased among americans since the mid 1980s?
sits alone, says the saps runs in the tree, the leaves appear purple... the person has recently used:
a hallucinogen, LSD
while under the influence of LSD, Matilda believes that she can feel the sounds around her. This effect is known as:
what is the risk of tolerance and physical addiction to hallucinogens as as compared to other addictive drugs?
the chief danger of LSD use is:
possibility of very powerful, sometimes negative, reactions
a person takes a drug at noon. although remaining awake and alert, the person experiences poor coordination, palpitations, and greatly enhanced visual perceptions. by dinner the sympstos have pretty well subsided. most likely that person took:
at the rave, a student took a drug which caused a great burst of energy, along with badly distorted visual experiences. this drug:
months after taking a drug, a former drug abuser still produces very little serotonin. the person is depressed and anxious, and has great difficulty remembering new material. Most likely, the abused drug was:
the most powerful form of cannabis is:
the duratioin of most of the effects of cannabis is about:
3-6 hours
polysubstance use involving illegal drugs occurs in about what percent of US illegal drug users?
over 60%
studies attemption to relate personality traits to potential for developing substance abuse show that:
no single trait or combination predicts substance abuse
assume you have a 14 year old that says why can't i start drinking? your answer is:
those who begin drinking before age 15 are more likely to become alcoholics
the fastest wa to get a drug to the brain is:
daniel, an IV heroin user, feels intense cravings when he sees hypodermic needles. this might be an example of:
classical conditioning
the ideal that stimuli gives you pleasure lead to brain processes that counteract the effects of that pleasure is consistent with an explanation for drug use based on:
opponent processes
if genetics plays a strong role in the development of cocaine abuse, we would expect to find the lowest concordance rates for cocaine abuse among:
genetically unrelated pairs of people
adoption studies of alcoholics children have uncovered:
even if adopted at birth, if a child's biological parents were alcoholics, they are more likely to become alcoholics
research indicates that the most important neurotransmitter in the "pleasure pathway" of the brain is probably:
psychodynamic therapies may no be very effective in the treatment of substance-related disorders because:
the habit actually is also a lifestyle or becomes a lifestyle
earn rewards if they produce urine samples that are drug free. the program is a form of:
operant conditioning
jason (recovering heavy drinker) has been trained to identy the situations that might cause him to drink and to be aware of when he should stop drinking. this approach is known as:
relapse prevention training
jess thought she was taking asprin. later when she had wine and became very nauseated she realized the pill was:
the purpose of an antagonist drug is to:
drugs which effects oppose each other. Ex. stimulant & depressant
the use of narcotic antagonists can be dangerous. this is based on their ability to initiate:
severe withdrawl
the use of metadone in drug maintenance programs is controversial because methadone:
produces a withdrawl more difficult than heroin withdrawl
self-help group (AA) provides peer support and specific guidlines, supports most directly which form of therapy?
hannah goes to a meeting because her husband is an alcoholic who only occasionally can abstain from alcohol. the meetings with other people in similar situations helps her cope. she probably attends meetings of:
most evidence for the effectiveness of self-help programs comes from:
testimonials from those who have been through the program
a clinician wishes to begin a drug abuse prevention campaign in a community. the most important ting the clinician can do is it:
consistent message across media
a person who becomes sexually aroused in the presence of stimuli most people in that person's society would not think appropriate is experiencing:
if someone felt assigned to the wrong sex and identified with the other gender, that person would most likely receive a diagnosis of:
gender identity disorder
research shows that sexual dysfunctions among homosexual couples:
same as heterosexual couples
a man who has never been able to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse would most likely be diagnosed with what type of erectile disorder?
if an indiv had experienced normal sexual functioning for years and gradually developed a problem with becoming aroused under any conditions, the DSM IV TR diagnosis would be
acquired and generalized
if an indiv had experienced normal sexual functioning for years and then had a problem with becoming aroused only when her husband was her partner, the DSM IV TR diagnosis would be:
aquired and situational
if a woman had never experienced normal sexual functioning with her husband and had a problem with becoming aroused with him, but found she could be aroused with another man, the DSM IV TR diagnosis would be:
lifelong and situational
a person who once experienced normal to above normal levels of sexual desire recently has begun to feel much less than normal sexual desire. a syexual dysfunction following this pattern would be called what type?
sexual aversion is considered a disorder of which phase of the human sexual response cycle?
an otherwise healthy indiv reports almost no interest in sexual activity, and has had very few sexual experiences in the past several years. the person most likely is experiencing:
hypoactive sexual desire
to be classified as having hypoactive sexual desire, one would desire sex less than once
every 2 weeks
which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in low, but not high levels?
which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in either low or high levels
obsessive compulsive symptoms may contribute to hypoactive sexual desire because someone with this disorder:
fights contact with unpleasant body fluids and odors
if grandpa is 90 and healthy, what is the percent chance he still masturbates at least occasionally?
over 40%
Studies of patterns of teenage sexual behavior today compared to such behavior a generation ago show today's teens having:
intercourse at a younger age than previous generations, use condoms more
in females, the labia swells during which phase of the sexual response cycle?
excitement phase
in males, the penis becomes erect during which phase of the sexual response cycle?
excitement phase
the event which is very likely to result in sexual aversion of hypoactive sexual desire is:
sexual molestation
women with sexual arousal disorder have difficulty with:
maintaining proper lubrication or genital swelling during sexual activity
studies have shown that the rate of female sexual arousal disorder is about:
a recent study of erectile disorder showed that most cases of erectile disorder are caused by:
combination of psychosocial and physical causes
a person who had the following disorders- clogged arteries, diabetes, kidney failure- would be at special risk for:
male erectile disorder
what is the most common biological cause of erectile failure in men?
vascular problems
according to masters and johnson, performance anxiety may result in a man:
adopting spectator roles during sexual activity
which is the most common male sexual dysfunction in the orgasm phase?
premature ejaculation
from what does premature ejaculation usually result?
typical of young, sexually inexperienced men
a male diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction is most likely to be diagnosed with:
premature ejaculation
Which sexual dysfunction in males is most likely to be caused by spinal cord injuries?
male orgasmic disorder
a woman who can masturbate or be masturbated to orgasm cannot reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. Most clinicians would diagnose this woman's condition as:
normal and healthy
Research shows that parents who want to decrease the likelihood that their young daughters will experience orgasmic disorder as adults should:
be affectionate with each other
women are more likely to be orgasmic when they have:
relatively long relationships with first sexual partner
what is thought to be the cause of vaginismus (the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles)?
learned fear response, set off by expectation that intercourse will be painful and damaging
symptoms of vainismus always include:
involuntary contraction of vagina muscles
what is another name for genital pain during sexual activity?
the most common cause of dyspareunia is:
damage incured during child birth
in psychoanalysic theory, the therapeutic goal in treating sexual dysfunction is:
causing broad personality changes
the study of sexuality that led to a revolution in the field of understanding sexual dysfunction and treatment was done by:
human sexual inadequacy
if someone receives "modern" sex therapy, chances are that the course of therapy will last:
15-20 sessions
the idea that both partners share the accountability for sexual dysfunction is known as:
mutual responsibility
"sensate focus" refers to the technique in which
partners focus on the sexual pleasure that can be achieved by exploring and careering with no intercourse or orgasm
couples in sex therapy who are working on eliminating the spectator role are generally advised:
to refrain from any sexual contact. They need to begin at the beginning with simple kissing and slowly become more sexual
a client suffering from sexual aversion learned to think thoughts like, "it's okay to enjoy intercourse, sharing love with my spouse is a good thing, not a sin" whenever negative thoughts about sexual activity occur. Most likely, the therapist treating this client is using:
self instruction training
if you were instructed to imagine sexual scenes in order to identify when in the sexual encounter your anxiety about sex first arose, you would engaging in a therapeutic technique called:
affectual awareness
in therapy, a patient is taught to visualize sexual scenes and uncover any emotions that occur. This patient is being treated using:
affectual awareness
in treating premature ejaculation, the "pause" technique involves:
penis is manually stimulated until man is highly aroused. then she stops for awhile, then GO!
how does viagra work?
more blood leads to erection
a penile prosthesis may be used in the treatment of:
erectile disorder
a man's sexual parter repeatedly stimulates him to erection, then allows the erection to subside without the man experiencing an ejaculation. The sexual technique is called the:
"tease" technique
EMTs in the back of an ambulance need to be sure to ask someone who is taking nitroglycerin if that person also has taken:
if a man has been taught to masturbate almost to orgasm, and then insert his penis for intercourse, the man is most probably being treated for:
orgasmic disorder
the first step o the directed masurbating thecnique for female arousal and orgasmic disorders is:
learning about her body
the % of women treated for vaginismus who eventually report experiencing pain-free intercourse is:
most sex therapist are uneasy about recent reliance on drug treatments for sexual dysfunction because:
inappropriate sex drive
DSM IV TR recommends a diagnosis of paraphilia only when associated behaviors, fantasies, or urges last at least:
six months
the psychiatrist who coined the term schizophrenia was:
eugene blueler
the term schizophrenia is derived from the Greek for:
split mind
schizophrenia is found in all socioeconomic classes. however, it is more likely to be found in someone from a _________ background.
lower level
a person diagnosed with schizophrenia is not hospitalized, yet eventually shows complete remission of symptoms. This pattern is:
typical of what happens in developing countries
armond does not feel much emotion and does not really want to do anything. he has also completely withdrawn from his friends and family. the presence of these behaviors illustrates _______ symptoms of schizophrenia.
delusions, disorganized thinking and speech, heightened perceptions and hallucinations, and inappropriate affect are example of ____ symptoms of schizophrenia
rosa is sure that her family is planning to kidnap her and take her inheritance. she has found her husband talking on the phone in whispers and has seen her children looking at her strangely. she is most likely suffering from:
antonio believes that the anchor on the evening news is speaking directly and personally to him. he even goes to the TV studieo to talk to the man. he is suffering from:
delusions of reference
one who believes that gov. agents have planted "bugs" in his car and are watching him from the trees in his backyard is experiencing:
delusions of persecution
one who believes herself to be the virgin Mary and came to give birth to a new savior would be experiencing:
delusion of granduer
a man who believes his thoughts are being influenced by the DJ on the radio is experiencing
delusions of control
a woman who believed that the newspaper stories on political scandals were specific messages for her is experiencing
delusions of reference
Millie sees pretty colored butterflies on all the walls. she also hears gentle music that is not there. the presence of these behaviors illustrates _____ symptoms of schizophrenia
the "erotomanic delusions" of many stalkers- that they are lobed by the ones they talk even though those the stalk do not know them- are most simlar to which kind of schizo delusion?
a schio who said, "its cold today. my cold is better but i got it from the nurse- she is a big blond who lives in manhattan. i live in manhattan with jimmy carter," is experiencing:
loose association or derailment
"the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain," is an example of:
a schizo who said, "its time for supper supper supper. supper is on in the supper room" is experiencing:
disorganized thinking and speech
jabberwocky is an example of a:
"i like to read books. i read a book about a gilzbok... but they have nothing to interest me... it is just amudence all over again." this type of talk illustrates:
people with deficiencies in smooth pursuit eye movement would be less able to:
track and object with their eyes
a schizo who tastes chlorine in untreated natural water and then thinks that his wife is trying to poison him is experincing a(n) ______ hallucination and a delusion of______
auditory; grandeur
the cheif difference between hallucinations and delusions is that:
hallucinations are perceptions and delusions are a belief
the most common type of hallucination in schio is:
when janice drinks her milk, she is sure from the taste that someone put salt in it. janice is most likely experiencing a(n) _______ hallucination
a schizo who is experiencing alogia is displaying:
a reduction in speech and speech content
a schizo who laughs when told sad news and screams in sit. that most people see as warm and tender is experiecning:
inappropriate affect
poverty of speech, blunted and flat affect, loss of colition, and social withdrawal are all examples of ______ symptoms of schizo.
a decrease in the fluency and productivity of speech, seen in schizo, is termed:
alogia or poverty of speech.
in the middle of a normal, calm convo, a person with Tourette's might suddenly begin shouting then follow that with a string of obscenities. this is similar to the symptom of schizo called:
inappropriate affect