100 terms

ComTech Final

The NETWORKDAYS function checks a formula for crrectness
As in algebra, you can use brackets to override the order of operations Excel follows to perform formula calculations
A rectangle object is used to insert text in a slide area where there is not text placeholder
Clips and photograpshs you see on Web pages are not covered by copyright law
When you changed a value on which a chart is dependent, Excel immdetiately redraws the chart based on the Background dialog box
To make a slide background appear on all sides in a presentation, click the Format All button in the Format Background dialog box
A theme's text color contrasts with it's background color
To draw a Clustered Cylinder chart, first select the data to be charted and then click the Column button (Insert tab/Charts group)
You can press the RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW keys to position the insertion point during in-cell editing
In PowerPoint 2010, you can embed and edit videos from within PowerPoint instead of needing to use a separate program
The arithmetic operator, ^ , directs Excel to perfor the division operation
Contrast determines the overall lightness or darkness of an entire image
You can comfortably mix writing styles within a presentation as long as you are consistent with writing syles on each individual slide
You can apply artistice effects to a picture ised as a slide's background
Dates that include years both before and after the year 2000 should be formatted with a two-digit year
The modernist movement of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries influenced the design principles in use today
The AutoCorrect feature can automatically captialize the first letter in the names of dates
Effective speakers do not waste time preparing their verbal message that will accompany each slide
When a digital camera does not measure a picture's tone correctly, a color cast occures
To clear the entire worksheet, click the Clear All button on the worksheet
You can move the _____ slider in the Format Background dialog box by pressing the RIGHT ARROW or LEFT ARROW to move the slider in one-percent increments
The default font for a new workbook is _____ 11- point regular black
_____ _____ meanst that the width of a column will be increased or decreased so the widest entry will fitin the column
best fit
Once a(an) _____ _____ is inserted into a slide, you can specify options that control playback and appearance
audio clip
_____ is a background feature that allows you to move the background from the slide borders in varying distances by percentages
As soon as you finish your presentation, you should critique you _____
To select a placeholder for deletion, click its _____ to change it to a solid line
You can create your own _____ _____ for use with the fill handle
custom lists
You can learn more about Excel's functions with options in the Insert Function dialog box
Insert Function
The easiest way to select a cell is to move the block plus sign __________ to the cell and then click
mouse pointer
Panes created using the verical split bar scroll together *horizontally
The *SEND TO BACK command moves a selected object underneath all stacked objects
You can press the *CTRL+ACCENT MARK(') to display the formulas in a worksheet
The opposite of merging cells is *splitting a merged cell
The list of available fonts in the Fonts gallery may differ, depending on what fonts you have installed and the type of *printer you are using
You can replace a formula with its *function so it remains constant
false, result
The Accounting number format assigns a *floating dollar sign
false, fixed
The group of adjacent cells beginning with B4 and ending with B8, wrtitten as B4:B8, is called a(n) *range
Statistical functions ignore *blank cells
In designing a worksheet, * visual aesthetics should come first
false, functional considerations
When cell entries are short, *right -aligning the entries within their respective columns improves the apprearance of the worksheet
false, centering
The *theme layouts determine where the text and content placeholders display on the slide
In a worksheet,, * columns typically contain information that is similar to a list
false, rows
Researchers have known for decades that documents with visual elements are *less effective than those that consist of only text
false, more
The values that you use with a function are called *arguments
You can quickly move between worksheet tabs by:
clicking a tab scrolling button, dragging the tab split box, clicking a sheet tab
Which of the following methods can you use to group selected slide objects?
Click the Group button(Drawing Tools Format tab/Arrange group), Press CTRL+G, Right -click selected objects and click Regroup
The recommended methodology for creating worsheets includes:
analyze requirements, design solution, validate design, document solution
Which of the following is true of a function?
Performs a calculation, Takes a value or values, Returns a result to the cell, Contains arguments
If the contents of a cell copied using the fill handle is Sunday and Tuesday, what are the next three values of the extended series?
Monday, Saturday, Thursday
The Chart Tools contextual tabs include the ___, ___, ___ tabs.
Design, Format, Layout
Which of the following are formatting symbols?
Dollar sign ($), Pound sign (#), Percent sign (%)
Which of the following shapes can be converted to a Circle or Square shape by pressing a key as you draw or insert the shape?
Oval, Rectangle
Which of the following are considered guidelines to use when making decisions about creating a new workbook?
Identify how to format various elements of the worksheet, Determine the necessary formulas and functions needed, Specify how the hard copy of the worksheet should appear
Which of the following design choices are appropriate for a presentation containing illustrations?
Use the color wheel to choose warm or cool colors, Vary text alignment, Evaluate your finished presentation
Select non-sequential slides
Spelling dialog box; change all occurrences of mispelled word with replacement word
Change All button
Spelling dialog box; word is spelled correctly but not found in dictionaries
Ignore Button
Right-align text
Regroup selected objects
Open the Replace dialog box
Select sequential slides
Display the Research task pane
Open the Spelling dialog box
Ungroup selected objects
Brightness and Contrast
changed in predefined percentages
Open the Font dialog box
Turn off the Format Painter
Copy all formatting changes from one object to another
Format Painter
Multiple text selections
Contains 24 pictures that give appearance of a physical object
Textures Gallery
More control over the exact look of an image
picture effect
A color scheme
six accent colors
Live preview
view formatting changes before you apply them
Graphic design independent of language
modernist movement
You can enter the correct range in a function by typing the beginning and ending cell references separated by a _____
colon (;)
PowerPoint's _____ feature allows you to set the timing for a video clip
Trim Video
The Picture Styles gallery is displayed by clicking the More button located on the ______
(Picture Tools Format tab/Picture Styles group)
You can click the Print tab in _____ view to preview your slides and set print options, as show in the accompanying figure
Which of the following is the path to the Comma Style button?
(Home tab/Number group)
You can display the Background Styels gallery by clicking the Background Styles button on the_____
(Design tab/Background group)
The _____ button allows you to choose whether you want to copy the values from the source are to the destination area with formatting
Autot Fill Options
_____ changes picture color into black, whitem and shades of gray
The _____ button is located on the Quick Access Toolbar
The _____ Option button lists formatting options following an insertion of cells, rows, or columns
Words underlined with a red wavy line are possibly____
The _____ feature works behind the scenes, fixing common typing or spelling mistakes when you complete a text entry
Excel remembers the last _____ actions you have completed
When you decrease the row height to _____, the row is hidden
Clicking the _____ opens the Insert Function dialog box
Functions & Formulas button on the status bar
The path to the text alignment button is _____
(Home tab/ Paragraph group)
Which of the following keys is an alternative to double-clicking the cell to edit it?
You can change the shape of selected WordArt by clicking the _____ button in the WordArtStyles group on the Drawing Tools Format tab
Text Effects
You can insert a picture saved in a file into a slide by clicking the Insert Picture from File button on the _____
(Insert tab/ Images group)
Which of the following Option buttons gives options for filling cells following a fill operation?
Auto Fill Options
Which of the following is the path to the Goal Seek button?
(Data tab/Data Tools group)
The _____ area on the status bar displays common calculations, such as SUM, or AVERAGE, for selected numbers in the worksheet
If formulas located in other cells reference cells in a deleted row or column, Excel does not adjust these cell references but instead displays the _____ error message
An Excel _____ allows data easily to be summarized and charted
Which of the following is the path to the Shape Fill button?
(Drawing Tools Format tab/ Shape Styles group)