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an Area of an object that extends past the edge of the page to compensate for variations in the output process
line art
a special kind of raster image that has only two possible color values, black or white
bounding box
defines the outermost dimensions of an object; it is always a rectangle, regardless of the object specific shape
line segment
based on the concept of anchor points and there defining control handles
cyan, magenta, yellow, black
the four primary colors used in process color printing
selection tool
used to select entire frames or other objects
direct selection tool
this can be used to select the image contained within a specific frame when the frame is part of a group
pathfinder panel
this panel can be used to create complex shapes by combining multiple objects
Content Grabber
this can be used to access a frames content with the selection tool is active
control panel
context sensitive, reflecting different options depending on what is selected in the document
vector graphic- mathematical description of a series of lines and shapes
raster image- made up of a grid of independent pixels in rows and columns
difference between vector graphic and a raster image?
gradient tool
this tool can be used to draw the direction and position of a gradient within a frame
hidden character
menu command that reveals characters such as paragraph return and tabs
The space between specific pairs of letters. To change his value, you have to place the insertion point between two characters
The theoretical line on which the bottoms of letters rest
overset text icon
this indicates that more text
exist in the story that will fit into the available frame (or series of wind frames)
paragraph panel
this panel is used to apply optical margin alignment
anchored objects
are objects that are attached to specific areas of text
Effective resolution
The resolution of an image after its scaling in the layout has been taken into account
JPEG compression
compression for raster images is lossy, which means data is thrown away to reduce the file size
by going to the effects panel and choosing the screen option in the blending mode menu
how is transparency applied to objects in an InDesign page layout?
character formatting affects the appearance of selected characters such as font, size, horizontal scale, and a host of others.
paragraph formatting affects an entire paragraph
what's the difference between character and paragraph formatting?