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  1. Fiber optic cable
  2. Virus Hoax
  3. Cross-platform
  4. Smart phones
  5. A major weakness of file processing
  1. a E-mail message that warns users of a non-existent virus or other malware
  2. b • A major weakness of file processing is they usually have redundant data and it is isolated
  3. c • Smart phones often use a single user/single tasking operating system
  4. d • A cross-platform program is one that runs the same on multiple operating systems
  5. e ...

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  1. Computer security that occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information
  2. • The advantages of Fiber Optic Cable includes faster data transmission speeds, less noise, and better security
  3. DBMS feature that allows users to design a report on the screen, retrieve data into the report design, and then display or print the report.
  4. • A digital modem sends and receives data and information to and from a digital line
  5. • A UPS connects between a computer and a power source

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  1. Modem• A query is a request for data


  2. Kernel• UNIX is a multi-tasking operating system invented in the 1970's


  3. Screen Saver• A screen saver causes the monitor to display different images to avoid damaging the screen


  4. Multi - user operating system...


  5. Software theft• Software theft occurs when someone steals software media or causes harm