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  1. Coax cable
  2. UPS
  3. LINUX AND Ubuntu
  4. Kernel
  5. Wi-Fi
  1. a • The kernel is the core of the operating system
  2. b • Linux and Ubuntu are UNIX type operating systems.
  3. c • A UPS connects between a computer and a power source
  4. d A single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers : an insulating material, a woven or braided metal, and a plastic outer coating
  5. e • Wi-Fi is the term used to describe 802.11 protocol

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  1. • Computer communications involve the transfer of data, information and instructions
  2. • You can use a Recover Disk to restore a damaged hard Drive
  3. • A major weakness of file processing is they usually have redundant data and it is isolated
  4. Computer security that occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information
  5. ...

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  1. Cross-platform• A cross-platform program is one that runs the same on multiple operating systems


  2. 802.11• Data is collection of unprocessed data


  3. Computer EthicsCompressed files are sometimes called zipped files and they reduce the size of files by eliminating duplicate characters


  4. Intellectual property rights...


  5. "cybercafe'Coffeehouse, restaurant, or other location that provides personal computers with Internet access to its customers