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  1. Recover Disk
  2. Compressed Files
  3. Data
  4. Multi - user operating system
  5. Screen Saver
  1. a Compressed files are sometimes called zipped files and they reduce the size of files by eliminating duplicate characters
  2. b • You can use a Recover Disk to restore a damaged hard Drive
  3. c • A screen saver causes the monitor to display different images to avoid damaging the screen
  4. d • In reference to operating to systems, enables two or more users to run programs simultaneously.
  5. e • Data is collection of unprocessed data

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  1. Wireless network that provides Internet connection to mobile computers and devices
  2. • The BIOS executes a series of tests, collectively known as the POST
  3. ...
  4. The amount of data, instructions, and information that can travel over a communication channel.
  5. • Two types of System software is operating system and utility programs

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  1. Fiber Optic CableA single copper wire surrounded by at least three layers : an insulating material, a woven or braided metal, and a plastic outer coating


  2. Coax cable• Computers viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, and rootkits are classified as Malware


  3. Software theft• Software theft occurs when someone steals software media or causes harm


  4. Query• A query is a request for data


  5. 802.11• A UPS connects between a computer and a power source