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Unit 2 Periodic Trends


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periodic law
The law that states that the repeating chemical and physical properties of elements change periodically with the atomic numbers of the elements
atomic radii
Half the distance between the nuclei of identical atoms that are bonded together
ionic radii
The distance between the nucleus and valence shell of an ion (cation/anion)
ionization energy
The energy required to remove one electron from a neutral atom of an element
electron affinity
The energy change that occurs when an electron is acquired by a neutral atom
A measure of the ability of an atom in a chemical compound to attract electrons from another atom in the compound
An atom or group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge
A positively charged ion. Results from the loss of one or more electrons.
A negatively charged ion. Results from the gain of one or more electrons.
octet rule
States that atoms lose, gain or share electrons in order to acquire a full set of eight valence electrons