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Quiz questions based on chapters 1,2,3,6 of "Project Management: A Managerial Approach" by Meredith and Mantel. Sixth Edition

scope creep

Rising client expectations during execution of a project may lead to a condition known as

Performance, lifecycle, uniqueness, conflict, interdependencies

Five attributes that characterize a project include:


With respect to project goals throughout the project's lifecycle, early in the lifecycle, the project team's focus should be on how to achieve the required ________.


An important implication of the project lifecycle concept is that a project will resist ________ of its existence


According to the authors, the prime objectives of project management are cost, time and

Numeric and nonnumeric

The text identifies two basic types of project selection models. They are

Cover its hurdle rate

If the NPV for a project is > 0, it indicates that the project will

unwanted reality

The process of modeling a problem seeks to carve away the ________ from the bones of a problem


Reference to an external standard is necessary when taking an ________ measurement.


According to Wheelwright and Clark, ________ projects have objectives or deliverables that are only incrementally different in both product and process from existing offerings.


The RFP solicitation document includes information about price and ________.


The mechanism by which the people in organizations make decisions is known as ________.

not well understood and not routine

According to the authors, a Type 2 project is


The project manager needs to possess technical and ________ credibility

Design or formation stage

During the ________ stage of the project lifecycle, there is no significant difference in the importance that project managers place on the three goals of cost, time, and performance.


A set of interrelated components that accept inputs and produce outputs in a purposeful manner is called a ________.


During the build-up stage of a project lifecycle, __________is the dominant goal of many project managers.


Culture contains the following four elements: technology, ________, language, and arts.

aesthetic values

Art is the aspect of culture that communicates the ________ of the culture

Conflicts between allies

Within the organization, conflicts are viewed as

Earliest due date

If a resource conflict arises between two high-priority projects, precedence is typically given to the project with the


During project formation, lack of ________ about the relative power/influence/authority of the PM and the functional managers is a major component of all conflicts involving technical decisions, resource allocation, and scheduling.


The project should move from a general concept to a highly detailed set of plans during the project ________ phase.


During project build-up, the project manager seeks a commitment of people from the functional departments when the ________ matrix organizational structure is used to manage the project.


During project build-up, the project manager seeks a commitment of work from the functional departments when the ________ matrix organizational structure is used to manage the project.

main program

The need to manage technical interfaces and to correct incompatibilities is likely to create technical conflicts during the __________ phase of the project lifecycle.


The total level of conflict in the project lifecycle is the highest during the project _____ stage.

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