Paradise Lost

What 5 elements of the story of Adam and Eve does Milton choose to include?
1) the fruit of forbidden tree 2) Loss of Eden 3)1st disobediance 4)Death came into the world 5)Christ comes to bring salvation
Who wrote Paradise Lost? How many books does it include? How is it written?
John Milton, 12, he wrote in Blank Verse
What causes Satan the Greatest Mental Anguish?
Loss of heaven and realizing that God is greater than he is
What is new about Milton's version of Adam and Eve?
His motive for going after Adam and Eve is revenge on God
List the parallel's between satan and Adam's fall.
The both lost paradise, they both wanted to be equal to God, they were both God's favorites
What caused Satan's fall from grace?
He questioned God's authority
Describe hell
Hell is round like a dungeon, fire but no light, as far removed from God as possible, there is no peace, rest, or hope
Discuss the differences between the devil and Beezlebub's feelings about their punishment.
Beezlebub realizes God is almighty because the almighty is the only one who can defeat their army. No matter what they do it will always fall into God's hands. Satan on the other hand doesn't care that lost heaven and believes there are other ways to get back at God. He never wants to bow down to God or surrender him
Why does Milton include references to both the Hebrew bible and Greek-Roman mythology?
He wanted to appeal to broaden range of people because by including Greek mythology he could get more than just religious people to read it
How does Milton convey the huge size of Leviathan?
if in the middle of ocean would think it was an island
Interpret: "All in not lost; the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and courage never to submit or yeild."
Satan says they lost already by waging war they have to think of other ways to get revenge and never submit or yield to God
Interpret: "...Left him at large to his own dark designs, that with reiterated crimes he might heap on himself damnation, while he sought evil to others, and enraged might see how all his malice served but to bring forth infinite goodness, grace and mercy shown on man by him seduced, but on himself treble confusion, wrath and vengeance poured."
For all the evil thats going to be brought into the world by Satan will just make God bring Jesus into the world which will bring us salvation which will just damn him even more