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Rene Descartes_
believed that the human body was a physical machine but that the human mind was made of an immaterial "thinking substance."
Cocktail Party effect
No matter how engaged in conversation parents may be, they are still able to hear their children laughing, shrieking, or quarreling in a nearby sandbox. This is an example of:
Implicit learning
Betsy and Jasmine are arguing about the intellectual abilities of their dog, Amos. Betsy claims that Amos knows that he is supposed to bark upon the command "speak." Jasmine agrees that Amos speaks upon command, but contends that Amos is not aware that he has learned this stimulus-response relation. Betsy and Jasmine are debating whether Amos is ________ of his clever abilities.
some animals and children over 18 months old.
Self-recognition in a mirror is limited to:
health concerns, such as diet and exercise.
The results of a study investigating 175 college students at the University of Minnesota indicated that the most commonly reported current concern was:
about 25
In the absence of clocks, miners trapped underground for several weeks probably will adopt a rest-activity cycle that is ________ hours in length.
8. Based on EEG records, it appears that sleep can be divided into _______ phases.
theta waves
The brain waves associated with the first stage of sleep are called:
Which of the following is NOT associated with REM sleep?
About what percentage of people awakened during REM sleep will report that they have been dreaming?
physical effects, with just a few nights of deprivation leaving people feeling tired, fatigued, and hypersensitive to muscle and bone pain
Being deprived of slow-wave sleep results in:
Review the material and them, at a reasonable hour, go directly to sleep.
A friend has a big exam tomorrow; what's the best advice you can offer?
They are effective in the short run, but not in the long-term, can become addictive and provide less quality of sleep.
Which of the following statements about sleeping medications is TRUE?
In the middle of an engaging conversation, your friend suddenly falls over asleep. When he awakens, he informs you that this has happened on several occasions. Your friend probably has a disorder known as:
activation-synthesis model
The theory that suggests dreams are the mind's attempts to make sense of random neural activity occurring in the brain during sleep is the:
dreams are impossible to interpret/ There are an infinite number of potential interpretations of any dream
The primary problem with Freud's approach to dream analysis is that:
spinal neurons; inhibits the expression of this
During REM sleep, the motor cortex is activated, but the body is very still. This pattern occurs because ________ running through the brain stem ________ motor activation.
Which of the following drugs will animals not self-administer?
Stimulants such as amphetamines ____ the levels of ____ in the brain.
Which of the following drugs is NOT generally considered to cause physical dependence?
THC binds to the same receptors in the brain as this naturally occurring neurotransmitter:
Your friend tells you her phone number. Hearing, thinking about, and translating the phone number to place it in your memory is an example of which of the following processes?
thinks about what the word means
When learning a new word, like "amygdala," Angie will remember it best if she
knowledge that is already in memory/old information
The most effective form of elaborative rehearsal appears to be linking new information to:
Method of Loci
Anthony is given a list of 20 objects to memorize in order. Anthony imagines a walk from home to school and pictures one of the objects on each street corner. What technique of memory is Anthony probably using?
lower left frontal
Jorge uses semantic judgment in encoding a set of new terms he encountered in his biology class. fMRI studies reveal that the part of his brain likely to be most active during this process is the:
Participants could recall a specific row better than the entire grid (Iconic Memory)
Sperling flashed a matrix of letters for 1/20th of a second to participants. Sperling found that:
Chunk the digits together
A second-grade teacher decided to give her students some homework. The homework was to learn as many digits as possible of the math constant pi. The student who memorized the most digits of pi for the next day would receive a reward. Which piece of advice would most help the students with their homework?
Brain-imaging studies indicate that the executive functioning underlying working memory is attributable to activity in the ____ lobe.
no known capacity limits
In most people, the long-term memory store has:
Anterograde amnesia
The case of H.M. is a documented case of a patient whose speech skills and intelligence were unaffected by the removal of parts of his temporal lobe but who could not form new long-term memories. Which disorder did H.M. have?
What is the Stroop effect?
The observation that people take longer to name one feature of a stimulus, or item, when they are distracted by another feature of the stimulus.
Interference in reaction time of a task. Ex: Reading color red when it is printed in blue
make and model of his car at 16 (memories when he was much younger)
Damage to the hippocampus would be least likely to cause a 30-year-old male to forget:
increase/increasing hippocampal (activating hippocampal neurons) interaction with the frontal lobe
Sleep appears to ___ memory consolidation by:
while the patient is recalling the traumatic experience
Professor B. Slate develops a drug that can erase specific memories of traumatic experiences. When should this drug be administered?
on a boat in a similar environment on the boat; Term: encoding specificity principle
Scuba divers who attempt to memorize a list of words on a boat will subsequently remember more of those words when tested:
encoding specificity
While sitting at the kitchen table, Jenna thought of an extremely funny joke. She walked into the living room to call her best friend, Cynthia. Unfortunately, on her way there, she forgot the punch line of the joke. To help herself remember, she went back to the kitchen table and remembered the line. What helped jog Jenna's memory?