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  1. Ottoman Turks
  2. Kublai Kahn
  3. Zen (Chan)
  4. Hundred Years' War
  5. Reconquista
  1. a Series of campaigns over control of the throne of France, involving English and French royal families and French noble families
  2. b strict meditation to achieve enlightenment;
    students learn everything from a master;
    high disciplined method;
    appealed to Warrior Class (ruling class)
  3. c The effort by Christian leaders to drive the Muslims out of Spain, lasting from the 1100-1492 C.E.
  4. d Mongol Leader who conqured Tibet, but failed to take Japan
  5. e captured Constantinople in 1453 and rename it Istanbul; as a result the Byzantine people flee to Italian City-States which becomes a catalyst for the expansion of language and art

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  1. a code of behavior that governed the aspect of all knights behavior
  2. a thin beatufiul type of pottery, famous in China during Ming Dynasty
  3. An economic and defensive alliance of the free towns in northern Germany, founded about 1241 C.E. and most powerful in the fourteenth century
  4. labor groups that maintained a monopoly on their respective trades
  5. nomads from Mongolia, known for their brutality and war tactics. Seized Baghdad in 1258 C.E.

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  1. Saladinwest african empire that flourished and grew rich from trade (1250-1460 C.E.)


  2. Geocentric TheoryAristotle's theory that the earth is the center of the universe


  3. Roman CatholicismArchitectural style which was an adaptation of the Roman basilica and barrel arch form.


  4. Medici familyVenetian traveler who explored Asia in the 13th century and served Kublai Khan (1254-1324)


  5. serfsa Japanese warrior who was a member of the feudal military aristocracy