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  1. Council of Clermont
  2. fall of Holy Roman Empire
  3. Mali
  4. Parliament
  5. Sunidata
  1. a An assembly heard the a speech given by Pope Urban II and basically he said they was a direct path to heaven for those willing to fight in the first crusade
  2. b the lawmaking body of British government
  3. c 1453
  4. d west african empire that flourished and grew rich from trade (1250-1460 C.E.)
  5. e Mali epic poem

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  1. followed the Umayyad dynasty. (750-1258 C.E.)
  2. Aristotle's theory that the earth is the center of the universe
  3. (1162-1227 C.E.) Leader and founder of Mongol tribes of Asia. Ruled from 1206-1227
  4. Italian painter and sculptor and engineer and scientist and architect. Most famous for Mona Lisa
  5. Series of campaigns over control of the throne of France, involving English and French royal families and French noble families

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  1. Joan of Arcled the French to several victories during Hundred Years' War, but was tried and burned for witchcraft


  2. Mongolsnomads from Mongolia, known for their brutality and war tactics. Seized Baghdad in 1258 C.E.


  3. Umayyad dynastyIslamic dynasty established by Muawiya, moved capital from Medina to Damascus, that action split Islam (Shi'ites and Sunnites)


  4. guild systemsA series of holy wars from 1096-1270 C.E. undertaken by European Christians to free the Holy Land from Muslim rule. Holy Wars


  5. daimyowest african empire that flourished and grew rich from trade (1250-1460 C.E.)