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  1. humansim
  2. Genghis Kahn
  3. Yuan Dynasty
  4. Heian period
  5. Black Death
  1. a the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe
  2. b Mongol dynasty in China
  3. c (794 to 1185C.E.) Japan had highly refined court society, etiquette, rules for properness, expected to write poetry and paint
  4. d A philosophy in which interests and values of human beings are of primary importance
  5. e (1162-1227 C.E.) Leader and founder of Mongol tribes of Asia. Ruled from 1206-1227

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  1. a Japanese feudal lord who commanded a private army of samurai
  2. captured Constantinople in 1453 and rename it Istanbul; as a result the Byzantine people flee to Italian City-States which becomes a catalyst for the expansion of language and art
  3. a code of behavior that governed the aspect of all knights behavior
  4. traditional code of the Japanese samurai which stressed courage and loyalty and self-discipline and simple living
  5. Mali's most powerful ruler (1312-1337 C.E.)

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  1. Reconquistanomads from Mongolia, known for their brutality and war tactics. Seized Baghdad in 1258 C.E.


  2. Medici familyFlorentine sculptor and painter and architect. Most famous for Sistine Chapel


  3. serfsservants (more like slaves) to the lord


  4. guild systemslabor groups that maintained a monopoly on their respective trades


  5. fall of Constantinoplecapital of the Byzantine Empire