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Mundy test #4 ch. 19

The perception of health varies considerably among societies of the world. The definition of what constitutes health and illness is most defined by which of the following variables?
the culture of society
Which society would be home to a medical expert known as a shaman?
The definition of health and illness varies from culture to culture and group to group. This variance in definition is most aligned with which sociological perspective?
symbolic interactionism
Which component of the health continuum did the author add to the three components identified by the World Health Organization?
What was the contribution Talcott Parsons made as a sociologist to the understanding of health and medicine?
He introduced the concept of the sick role.
There is a major exam scheduled in today's sociology class, but Donald has a serious case of the flu. Donald's professor excused him from the exam. Donald then made an appointment with the health center, and spent the next three days in bed. This is an example of ________ in practice.
the sick role
Based on gender differences, why do women invoke the sick role more than men?
Men see a conflict between the sick role and the macho role.
What is the relationship between industrialization and life expectancy?
It is a direct relationship.
Of the following nations, which one has the highest infant mortality rate?
the United States
The ________ controls the education and licensing of physicians in the United States.
American Medical Association
According to symbolic interactionists, how did physicians in the United States work to eliminate midwives from assisting in childbirth?
Physicians redefined pregnancy and childbirth as a medical condition.
Payment to a physician in exchange for diagnosis and treatment is called ________.
What is epidemiology?
the study of disease and disability patterns in a population
What is the relationship sociologists have discovered when examining mental health problems and social class?
an inverse correlation
According to your text, how have physicians responded to malpractice suits to protect themselves from patients?
They have engaged in ordering additional tests only as a defensive strategy.
Dr. Smith owns stock in the XYZ drug company. The majority of her patients have been prescribed a highpriced medication that is only manufactured by XYZ. This situation illustrates which of the following points?
The medical cash machine generates conflicts of interest.
Medical specialists, medial equipment corporations, and pharmaceutical companies have all been associated with ________?
white-collar crimes
Which of the following examples would best illustrate the functionalist perspective of the medicalization of society?
The medicalization of baldness broadens the customer base of the medical establishment
Many of the physical signs of aging such as balding, wrinkles, and a sagging chin or buttocks are now treated by physicians. This process of turning a normal characteristic into a medical matter is termed ________.
Dr. Jeckyl has a patient who is terminally ill and in great pain. In order to relieve him of needless suffering, Dr. Jeckyl injected him with a lethal dose of morphine that will make it look like the patient slipped away. What is this process called?
active euthanasia
In which two countries is euthanasia legal?
Holland; Belgium
Selma works for a company that pays a set fee to the Midwest Physicians Clinic to take care of their employees' needs. This type of medical care is known as a ________.
health maintenance organization
The area of the world most devastated by the AIDS virus is ________.
sub-Saharan Africa
The greenhouse effect can best be described by which of the following?
a warming of the earth that may change the globe's climate and melt the polar ice caps
In the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, the medical staff at Tuskegee University . . .
did not treat men infected with syphilis so they could follow the disease.
In 1918, 500,000 Americans and 20 to 40 million people worldwide died in an epidemic caused by which of the following diseases?
the flu