15 terms

WHAP ch 17 vocabulary

Zheng He
A Chinese Muslim -- Emissary to the increasingly Muslim-dominated Indian Ocean basin
Amerindians that traveled
Henry the Navigator
Traveler; Prince -- set up institution in Africa
New vessel; smaller, but easier to navigate, go into shallow waters and sustain storms
Gold Coast
headquarters of Portugal's west African trade.
Bartolomeu Dias
First Portuguese explorer to round the southern tip of Africa and enter the Indian Ocean
Vasco da Gama
sailed around Africa and reached India
Christopher Columbus
A Genoese mariner
Importance of Christopher Columbus
First to reach New World from Old World; stubbornly insisted it was India
Ferdinand Magellan
designed to complete Columbus's interrupted westward voyage
Importance of Magellan
Magellan strait; first to circle the globe
warriors that fought for religion and wealth
Hernan Cortes
Defeated Aztecs
Moctezuma II
Aztec emperor; sent messages to greet Cortes
Francisco Pizarro
leader of band of 180 men, 37 horses and two cannons; defeated Inca