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Each daughter cell resulting from mitotic cell division has exactly as many chromosomes as the parent cell


Apoptosis is programmed cell suicide, but cancer cells fail to undergo apoptosis


Final preparation for cell division is made during the cell life cycle subphase called G2


Chromatin consists of DNA and RNA


In osmosis, movement of water occurs toward the solution with the lower solute concentration


The genetic information is coded in DNA by the regular alternation of sugar and phosphate molecules


A process by which large particles may be taken into the cell for food, protection of the body, or disposing of old or dead cells is called phagocytosis


The orderly sequence of the phases of mitosis is prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telephase


Diffusion is always from areas of greater to areas of lesser concentration


DNA transcription is another word for DNA replication


Interstitial fluid reresents one type of extracellular material


The cell (plasma) membrane normally contains substantial amounts of cholesterol


Only one cell type in the human body has flagellum


Telomeres are the region of chromosomes that code for the protien ubiquitin


what happens during generation of a membrane potential

Both potassium and sodium ions leak through the cell membrane due to diffusion

what RNA is responsible for bringing amino acids to the "factory" site for protein formation?


red blood cells placed in pure water would _____?

swell and burst

describe plasma membrane

the phospholipid bilayer surrounds cell

fingerlike projections that greatly increase the absorbing surface of cells



the greater the concentration of gradient, the faster the rate

If cells are placed in a hypotonic solution containing a solute to which the membrane is impermeable, what would happen?

the cells will lose water and shrink

intercellular material

is not a subcellular structure

what is a function of plasma membrane protein

molecular transport through the membrane


Messenger RNA, Transfer RNA, and robosomal RNA play a role in protein synthesis


prodices nucleus replication

melanin is a __?


2 organells

microtubule, lysosome & Cilia

Passive membrane transport processes include ______

movement of substance down its concentration gradient


contains some of the DNA and RNA code necessary for their own function

when does DNA replication take place?

during interphase of the cell cycle

in transcription/translation what occurs

the nucleotide sequence in a tRNA anticodon is an exact copy of the DNA triplet that coded for it except thar uracil is substituted for thymine

concept cell theory

a cell is the basic structual and functional nit of living organisms

whats the main component ot cytosol


extracellular matrix is _______

the most abundant extracellular material

crenation is likely to occur in blood cells in _____

a hypertonic solution

if tRNA has a AGC anticodon it could attach to a _____


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