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  1. NSU is caused by
  2. rickets is cause by
  3. leiomyoma of the uterus
  4. nephroliths
  5. ureteritis
  1. a kidney stones
  2. b very common tumor - called a fibroid tumor
  3. c inflammation of the ureters - causes constriction and narrowing (stenosis)
  4. d most often a chlamydial organism
  5. e lack of vitamin D deficieincy - Vitamin D is essential for absorption of clacium form the digestive tract -

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  1. the softening of the bone in children
  2. another most common malignancy of women- spreads rapidly in the blood an lymph vessels in the area
  3. a break in which the bone is cracked or broke on one side but only bent on the other
  4. trauma, allergic reactions, tumors, degenerative conditions of age or infectious agents - bacteria, fungi, or virus
  5. prostate cancer - common in older men - metaztasizes rapidly to bone and lymph nodes

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  1. pyuriapus in the urine


  2. varicocelean abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back


  3. ANURIAcomplete suppression of urine expression


  4. lithopedioncalcifying of an embryo outside the uterus - literally stone child


  5. cystitisinflammation of the uterus


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