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  1. cryptorchism ore cryptorchidism
  2. urethritis
  3. osteomalacia
  4. cystadenoma ore cyctadenocarcinoma
  5. preclampsia
  1. a inflammation of the urethra
  2. b failure of the testes or testicle to descend into the scrotum - sperm cannot develop properly - leads to sterility
  3. c common tumors of the ovaries
  4. d softening of the bones in adulthood due to faulty calcification also due lack of to vitamin D
  5. e occurs in pregnant women in third trimester

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  1. lack of vitamin D deficieincy - Vitamin D is essential for absorption of clacium form the digestive tract -
  2. a lateral curvature of the spine - in the opposite directions - S -shape
  3. bacterium Neisseria gonorrheae
  4. surgical removal of the breast and surrounding tissues
  5. inflammation of the epididymis

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  1. secondary stagecharacterized by generalized red skin rash and mucous patches - lasts 2 to six weeks - these symptoms indicate it has spread throughout the body


  2. uremiatoxic condition of excess urea and other nitrogenous waste in the blood


  3. compound or open fracturea break in which at least a piece of bone pierces teh skin resulting in an open wound, could also be a wound that leads to a bone that is broke


  4. glomerulonephritisa collection of urine in the renal pelvis due to an obstructed flow


  5. osteitisfibrosacysticaformation of cysts and fibrous nodules within the bone -