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  1. gonorrhease is cause by
  2. bursitis
  3. pott's disease
  4. rhuematioid arthrities
  5. primary stage
  1. a Milary tuberculosis of the vertibral column
  2. b bacterium Neisseria gonorrheae
  3. c chancre - a gential ulceration that lasts 4-6 weeks
  4. d chronic inflamatory disease affects primarily women 20 to 40
  5. e is an inflammationof a bursa

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  1. chronic inflammation resulting in thickening and deformation of bone - overproduction of bone
  2. infection with pyogenic bacteria that work their way up the urinary tract
  3. characterized by generalized red skin rash and mucous patches - lasts 2 to six weeks - these symptoms indicate it has spread throughout the body
  4. testicular cancer - occurs to men in the 20'2, 30's and 40's
  5. most commonly of the cervix

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  1. BPH is caused byis NOT an inflammatory condition - associated with hormone imbalance


  2. OLIGURIAcomplete suppression of urine expression


  3. cervical cancer of womenmost common malignancy of women worldwide -usually squamouos cell carcinomas


  4. pyelititsinflammation of the renal pelvis (inside of kidney)- expanded part of the ureter


  5. salpingitisinflammation of the fallopian tubes or the uterine tubes