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  1. rickets results in
  2. carcinoma of the breast
  3. hemoglobinuria may indicate
  4. mastectomy
  5. vaginitis
  1. a surgical removal of the breast and surrounding tissues
  2. b associated with hemolytic anemias - from snake bite, poisons, and malaria
  3. c bones stay soft and deform - long weight bearing bones of the leg tend to bend or bow
  4. d another most common malignancy of women- spreads rapidly in the blood an lymph vessels in the area
  5. e inflammation of the vagina

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  1. a collection of urine in the renal pelvis due to an obstructed flow
  2. tends to affect the arteries especially the aorta - causes inflammation, aneurysms, and aoritic insufficiency
  3. general paries - damage toe the brain causing mental deterioration -- tabes dorsaleis - degeneration of spinal cord
  4. chronic inflamatory disease affects primarily women 20 to 40
  5. bacterium - spirochete Treponema pallidum

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  1. urethritisinflammation of the urethra


  2. glomeruloneophiris is associated with what conditionsalbuminuria and hematuria


  3. paget's disease is also calledosteitis deformans


  4. ALBUMINURIAa decrease in the amount of urine excreted = olig - few or little


  5. hydrouretersthe ureter above an obstruction dialed with urine


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