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  1. marfan's syndrome
  2. orchitis is caused by
  3. pott's disease results in
  4. pyelonephiritis is the
  5. preclampsia
  1. a occurs in pregnant women in third trimester
  2. b the veterbrae are destroyed and collapse - vertebrae go to pott and produces an humpback malformation
  3. c trauma or complication of mumps or other infection diseases - can lead to sterility
  4. d most common kidney disease - kidney infection
  5. e hereditary condition of connective tissue and skeletal structures leads to a form of giantism

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  1. the softening of the bone in children
  2. an abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back
  3. associated with hemolytic anemias - from snake bite, poisons, and malaria
  4. the larger wight bearing joints - hips and knees of both men and women later in life - not bilateral - thought to be associated with wear and tear on joing s
  5. inflammation of the outer covering of the bone due to bacterial infection

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  1. ALBUMINURIAblood in urine


  2. cardiobascualrtends to affect the arteries especially the aorta - causes inflammation, aneurysms, and aoritic insufficiency


  3. pyelitis and pyeloneephritis are caused bypyogenic bacteria the kidney by way of the blood stream or from bacteria that have ascended the urethra to the kidney


  4. number of carcincoma of the breast in USvery common tumor - called a fibroid tumor


  5. ostemyelitisinflammation of bone marrow AND bone -