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  1. comminuted fracture
  2. NSU - non-specific urethritis
  3. hydroureters
  4. glomerulonephritis
  5. hematuria
  1. a the ureter above an obstruction dialed with urine
  2. b a bone that is splintered ore crushed - must be at least three piece of bone
  3. c non-gonococcus - oneof the most common and widespread STD's
  4. d form of nephritis but primarily affects the glomeruli
  5. e blood in urine

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  1. a sign of tumors in the urinary systems - also associate with glomerulonephritis
  2. albuminuria and hematuria
  3. bacterium - spirochete Treponema pallidum
  4. an abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back
  5. complete suppression of urine expression

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  1. dermoid cystsformation of renal calculi


  2. ostemyelitisinflammation of bone marrow AND bone -


  3. anuria may indicatepresence of glomerulonephiritis


  4. paget's disease is also calledosteitis deformans


  5. hemoglobinuriablood in urine