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  1. polycystic ovaries
  2. hydrocele is caused by
  3. pyelitis and pyeloneephritis are caused by
  4. tumors of the testes are
  5. carcinoma of the breast
  1. a complication of orchitis, epididymitis or improper closure of the opening between teh peritonela cavity and the scrotum
  2. b numerous cysts in the ovaries
  3. c pyogenic bacteria the kidney by way of the blood stream or from bacteria that have ascended the urethra to the kidney
  4. d another most common malignancy of women- spreads rapidly in the blood an lymph vessels in the area
  5. e usually malignant

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  1. a collection of urine in the renal pelvis due to an obstructed flow
  2. edema of the face and extremities, high blood pressure, and high albuminuria
  3. an abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back
  4. tends to affect the arteries especially the aorta - causes inflammation, aneurysms, and aoritic insufficiency
  5. small sac-like structure containing synovial fluid - used teo reduce fricition in areas where a lot of movement

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  1. anuria may indicatetotal kidney failure


  2. polycycstic kidneysinflammation of the renal pelvis (inside of kidney)- expanded part of the ureter


  3. hemoglobinuriaan increase in the amount of urine excreted


  4. gonorrhease is cause bybacterium Neisseria gonorrheae


  5. pott's diseasechronic inflammation resulting in thickening and deformation of bone - overproduction of bone