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  1. NSU - non-specific urethritis
  2. pott's disease results in
  3. hemoglobinuria may indicate
  4. NSU is caused by
  5. nephritis
  1. a most often a chlamydial organism
  2. b associated with hemolytic anemias - from snake bite, poisons, and malaria
  3. c general term for inflammation of the kidneys
  4. d non-gonococcus - oneof the most common and widespread STD's
  5. e the veterbrae are destroyed and collapse - vertebrae go to pott and produces an humpback malformation

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  1. renal insufficiency or renal failure
  2. urinary tract infection
  3. inflammation of the renal pelvis (inside of kidney)- expanded part of the ureter
  4. failure of the testes or testicle to descend into the scrotum - sperm cannot develop properly - leads to sterility
  5. small sac-like structure containing synovial fluid - used teo reduce fricition in areas where a lot of movement

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  1. BPH- Benign Prostatic Hyperplasiaa defect in the formation of cartilage in the growth centers of long bones results in form of dwarfism


  2. BPH is caused bygonococcal infection - mechianical irritations such as panty hose, chemical irrations and highly irritiaring uterine discharges, yeast infections


  3. lithopedioncalcifying of an embryo outside the uterus - literally stone child


  4. syphilisgeneral term for inflammation of the kidneys


  5. achondroplasiaan abnormal Anterior curvature of the spine - sway back