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Parallel Conversion

avoids some of the risk of direct
conversion because the old system remains in
service while some or all of the new system is

Systems Programmer

A ___ ___ is the operating system "guru," whose
responsibilities include installing new versions of
the operating system and modifying operating
system settings to maximize performanc

Implementation Phase

In the ___ ___ of the SDLC, the project team
supervises the tasks necessary to construct the
new information system

Quality-of-Service Metric

A ___ ___ is a technique for measuring a specific
QoS characteristic

Turnkey System

A ___ ___ is essentially an "information system in
a box," which consists of hardware and commercial
software designed to offer a complete information
system solutio


QoS Metric ___ is the amount of time a system is
not available for processing


QoS Metric ___ is the available storage space,
number of users, number of connections, or
number of packet

Maintenance Phase

The ___ ___ of the SDLC involves day-to-day
operation of the system, making modifications to
improve performance, and correcting problem

User Documentation

___ ___ describes how to interact with the system
to accomplish specific task

Distributed Processing

An alternative design option is ___ ___, in which
processing tasks are distributed to servers and

Test Area

A ___ ___ is a place where software testing can
occur without disrupting the organization's regular
information system


QoS Metric ___ is the amount of data processed
in a particular time interval

User Levels

QoS Metric ___ ___ is the number of users at
peak, average, and low times


QoS Metric ___ is the number of errors occurring
in a particular time interval for a particular function

Application Testing

___ ___ is the process of trying out various
sequences of input values and checking the results
to verify that the application works correctly

Request for Proposal

A ___ ___ ___ (RFP) is a document that describes
the information system problem and the
requirements for the solution

Unit Testing

As each application module is completed, it
undergoes ___ ___ to ensure that it operates
reliably and correctly

System Testing

After unit and integration testing are completed,
___ ___ ensures that all hardware and software
components work together correctly

System Documentation

___ ___ describes a system's features, hardware
architecture, and programming

Request for Quotation

A ___ ___ ___ (RFQ) is a request for a formal
price quotation on a list of hardware and software

Software Customization

___ ___ is the process of modifying a commerical
application to reflect an organization's needs

Centralized Processing

An information system can be designed for ___
___, in which data is processed on a centrally
located computer

Integration Testing

When all modules have been completed and
tested, ___ ___ is performed to ensure that the
modules operate together correctly

Pilot Conversion

___ ___ works well in organizations with several
branches that have independent information
processing systems because the new information
system is activated at one branch at a time

Response Time

QoS Metric ___ ___ is the time period between
when a user initiates a request for information and
when the request is fulfilled

Application Development Tool

An ___ ___ ___ is essentially a type of software
construction kit containing building blocks that can
be assembled into a software product

Quality of Service

The term ___ ___ ___ (QoS) refers to the level of
performance a computer system provides

Procedure Handbook

A ___ ___ is a type of user docuentation that
contains step-by-step instructions for performing
specific task

Application Specifications

If a project team selects a solution that requires
custom programming, the team's systems analysts
will create a set of ___ ___ that describe the way
the information system's software should interact
with users, store data, process data, and format

Decision Support Worksheet

A spreadsheet, like Excel, can be used to produce
a ___ ___ ___ for comparing potential solutions

Design Phase

In the ___ ___ of the SDLC, the project team must
figure out how the new system will fulfill the
requirements specified in the system requirements

Help Desk

The ___ ___ is staffed by technical support
specialists who are familiar with the information
system's software

Acceptance Testing

___ ___ is designed to verify that the new
information system works as required

Phased Conversion

___ ___ works well with large, modularized
information systems because the new system is
activated one module at a time

System Conversion

___ ___ refers to the process of deactivating an
old information system and activating a new one

Direct Conversion

___ ___ means that the old system is completely
deactivated and the new system is immediately

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