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Real Data Type

Database designers assign the ___ ___ ___ to
fields that contain numbers with decimal places---
prices, percentages

date data type

The ___ ___ ___ is used to store dates in a
format that allows them to be manipulated

Logical Data Type

The ___ ___ ___ (sometimes called a Boolean
or yes/no data type) is used for true/false or yes/no
data using minimal storage spaces

Computed Field

A ___ ___ is a calculation that a DBMS performs
during processing, and then temporarily stores in a
memory location

Entity-Relationship Diagram

The relationship between record types can be
depicted graphically with an ___ ___ (sometimes
called an ER diagram or ERD)

Field Validation Rule

A ___ ___ ___ is a specification that the
database designer sets up to filter data entered
into a particular field.

One-to-many Relationship

When one record is related to many records, the
relationship is referred to as a ___ __

Primary Key

A ___ ___ is a field that contains data unique to a

Sort Order

A table's ___ ___ is the order in which records
are stored on disk

Record Occurrence

A record that contains data is referred to as a ___
___, or simply a record

Dimensional Database

A ___ ___, sometimes referred to as a
multidimensional database, organizes relationships
over three or more dimensions


A ___ is a collection of information

Database Structure

___ ___ refers to the arrangement of fields,
tables, and relationships in a database

Unstructured File

A filing cabinet full of folders and papers would be
classified as an ___ ___ because every
document has a unique structure and contains
different kinds of dat

Object-Relational Database

The term ___ ___ is used to describe a variety of
technologies that combine objected-oriented and
relational concept

Structured File

A ___ ___ uses a uniform format to store data for
each person or thing in the file

Object Database

An ___ ___, also referred to as an
object-oriented database, stores data as objects,
which can be grouped into classes and defined by
attributes and methods


In database jargon, a ___ is an association
between data that's stored in different record types


A process called ___ helps database designers
create a database structure that can save storage
space and increase processing efficiency

Sort Key

A table's ___ ___ is one or more fields used to
specify where new records are inserted in a table

Relational Database

A ___ ___ stores data in a collection of related

Lookup Routine

A ___ ___ validates an entry by checking data in
a file or database table

Network Database

A ___ ___ uses a mesh-like structure to offer the
additional capacity to define many-to-many

Predictive Analytics

___ ___ refers to a branch of data mining that
focuses on predicting future probabilities and trends

Memo Data Type

A ___ ___ ___ usually provides a variable-length
field into which users can enter comments

Field Format

A ___ ___ is a template that adds the correct
formatting as data is entered

Report Template

A ___ ___ contains the outline or general
specifications for a report, including such elements
as the report title, fields to include, fields to subtotal
or total, and report format specifications

Field Name

A field has a unique ___ ___ that describes its

Data Type

A ___ ___ specifies the way data is represented
on the disk and in RAM

Data Warehouse

A ___ ___ is a repository for data from more than
one database

Record Type

The template for a record is referred to as a ___

Hyperlink Data type

The ___ ___ ___ stores URLs used to link
directly from a database to a Web page

Database Index

A ___ ___ contains a list of keys, and each key
provides a pointer to the record that contains the
rest of the fields related to that key

Text Data Type

___ ___ ___ is typically assigned to fixed-length
fields that hold charater data--people's names,
album titles, etc

Case Sensitive Database

In a ___ ___ ___, uppercase letters are not
equivalent to their lowercase counterparts


A ___ is a sequence of records, similar to a flat file

Variable-Length Field

A ___ ___ is like an accordion -- it expands to fit
the data you enter, up to some maximum number
of characters

Executive Dashboard Software

To analyze and mine complex data sets, decision
makers sometimes use ___ ___ ___, which
provides tools for formulating OLAP queries and
displaying results visually


A ___ contains the smallest unit of meaningful
information, so you might call it the basic building
block for a structured file or database

One-to-One Relationship

A ___ ___ means that a record in one record
type is related to only one record in another record

Hierarchical Database

A ___ ___ allows one-to-one and one-to-many
relationships, linked in a hierarchical structure

Data Redundancy

___ ___ is the amount of data that is repeated or
duplicated in a database

Integer Data Type

The ___ ___ ___ is used for fields that contain
whole numbers---quantities, repetitions, reankings,

Data Mining

___ ___ refers to the process of analyzing
existing database information to discover
previously unknown and potentially useful
information, including relationships and patterns


___ refers to the number of associations that can
exist between two record types


A ___ (binary large object) is a collection of binary
data stored in a single field of a database

Report Generator

To create reports, most DBMSs include a ___
___, which is a software tool for specifying the
content and format for a database report

Database Model

The underlying structure of a database is referred
to as a ___ ____

OLAP (online analytical processing)

One of today's most advanced data analysis
methods, ___ allows decision makers to look for
relationships between multiple data dimensions

flat file

The simplest model for storing data is a ___ ___
that consists of a single, two-dimensional table of
data elements

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