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England is supreme when it comes to ___________.


In the __th century, English portraiture comes into its own.


From 1751 to the death of Turner, ________ was the source of artistic activity, rivaling every other country in Europe.


England establishes academy based on the ________ Style.

Grand Style

Highest expression is known as _________ __________.

History Painting

This artist dominated portraiture during the 2nd half of the 18th century along with Thomas Gainesborough.

Sir Joshua Reynolds

Most extensive attempt at art theory in high discourses of any Englishman.

Lord Heathfield
Sir joshua Reynolds

First Englishmen and last European to formulate a theory of art that is truly academic.

Sir Joshua Reynolds

The most accomplished and most influential painter of the 18th century in England.

Thomas Gainesborough

More than any other British painter, _____________ absolutely delights us with his technique and handling of the brush.


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