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Cardiac Muscle Lab

Effect of Epinephrine on the heart
Stimulate heart contraction, Increased heart rate, Increased force of contraction; Stimulated Sympathetic control
Effect of ACH (acetylcholine) on the heart
Slows down heart & contraction; Simulated Parasympathetic control
Effect of Atropine on the heart
Binds, Reverse effect of ACH, Increased heart rate & force of contraction.
Effect of NaCl (sodium) on the heart
Increases depolarization, Increases heart rate, Decreases contraction force
Effect of KCI (potassium) on the heart
Decreased heart rate, Decreased contraction force, Can Stop
Effect of CaCl (calcium chloride) on the heart
Increased depolarization, Increases heart rate, Strong contraction force
Interpret Heart Rate
Heart Rate= BPM 60 / M Marker (s) seconds
Contractile Force A-B
Atrial Contraction
Contractile Force B-C
Atrial Relaxation
Contractile Force C-D
Ventricular Contraction
Contractile Force D-E
Ventricular Relaxation
Ringer Solution
Contained water & electrolytes
Heart Cardiac Muscle
Can initiate a contraction without stimulation by autonomic nervous system