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InQuizitive Chapter 18

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Page(s) 715-71618.3. In what ways did Progressivism include both democratic and antidemocratic impulses?
Review the following video with author Eric Foner titled "Progressivism in the West." Afterward, complete the following statement.
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The Society of American Indians, founded by Carlos Montezuma, focused on the plight of Native Americans and condemned federal intervention into the affairs of indigenous peoples. Montezuma believed in self-determination for Native Americans, but also demanded that Indians be granted full citizenship and the same rights as other Americans.
Page 73118.1. Why was the city such a central element in Progressive America?
Read and analyze the "Who Is An American" primary source document from the chapter titled "What It Means to Be Colored in the Capital of the United States" (1906) by Mary Church Terrell. Click here to review the full document excerpt from the textbook.
How does Terrell describe the living conditions for African-Americans in Washington, D.C., during this period?
Correct Answer(s)
While not a unique practice, Terrell believed that segregation in the United States was the most hypocritical.
Employment opportunities remained limited for African-Americans.
Incorrect Answer(s)
African-Americans were welcomed in the capital's public facilities, including hotels.
African-Americans were treated equal to other races, including Chinese, Japanese, or Indians.
Correct Answer(s)
few opportunities in immigrants' native countries, Press
rapid industrial expansion and the decline of traditional agriculture,
political turmoil, including revolutions and burdensome taxation, in immigrants' home countries, Press
Incorrect Answer(s)
the promise that all immigrants would be welcomed and accepted through Ellis Island and Angel Island into the United States,
implemented the Clayton Act of 1914, exempting unions from antitrust laws and barring courts from issuing injunctions that would curtail the right to strike
Correct label: Wilson
supported the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which authorized Congress to enact a graduated income tax
Correct label: Taftused
the Sherman Antitrust Act to dissolve the Northern Securities Company
Correct label: Roosevelt
Correct Answer(s)
They included laws protecting women and men injured on the job.
These programs were funded by contributions from workers' own wages to avoid the stigma of depending on governmental assistance.
Incorrect Answer(s)
They were funded entirely by taxes on corporations and the wealthy.
They established a standard of living beneath which no American should fall.
CORRECT: the requirement for state government to provide employment for the unemployed a referendum to increase taxes on the wealthy-------------------------------------
INCORRECT: x the institution of Prohibition in 1899x the creation of a state militia as a means of employing the unemployed and patrolling striking workers
CORRECT: The percentage of married women in the labor force doubled between 1900 and 1930. By 1930, the percentage of the total workforce comprised of women was larger than the total percentage of all women who worked.-------------------------------------INCORRECT: x In 1920, there were more women in the labor force than men. x The percentage of married women who worked increased between 1910 and 1920.
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A single mother living in a tenement receives a pension from the government to support her and her children.,
Incorrect Answer(s)
A woman who runs for office is allowed to step away from her familial duties to support the community.
A married woman is economically dependent on her husband, which strengthens the family bond.