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  1. CITIZENS, sit down! (used to call somebody by name or title)
  2. For CITIZENS, rights and responsibilities are equally important. (indirect object to/for)
  3. The CITIZEN is reliable. (subject of the sentence)
  4. The CITIZENS listened to the speech. (subject of the sentence)

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  1. Accusative (Acc Pl)The constitution protects all CITIZENS. (direct object of the verb)


  2. Dative (Dat Sing)The senator writes a letter TO THE CITIZEN. (indirect object to/for)


  3. Ablative (Abl Pl)The lawyer worked mainly WITH poorer CITIZENS. (used with SID SPACE prepositions)


  4. Genitive (Gen Pl)Congress did not respond to the petition OF THE CITIZENS.(shows possession... of, -s')


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