21 terms

Visual Art History for APUSH

Here are some pictures of famous pieces of art.
Dorothea Lange. American Art.
Migrant Mother.
Edward Hopper. American Art.
Nighthawks, 1942.
Benjamin West. Neo-Classicism.
Death of General Wolfe, 1770.
John Singleton Copley. Neo-Classicism.
Paul Revere, 1770.
Thomas Cole. Romanticism. Hudson River School.
Romantic Landscape with a Ruined Tower, 1832.
Albert Bierstadt. Romanticism. Hudson River School.
Storm in the Rocky Mountains, 1886.
Andy Warhol. Pop Art.
Marilyn Monroe, 1962.
Jackson Pollock. Abstract Expressionism.
Number 1, 1950.
Andy Warhol. Pop Art.
Campbell Soup, 1968.
Norman Rockwell. American Art.
The Dugout, 1948.
Grant Wood. American Art.
American Gothic, 1930.
Georgia O'Keeffe. Modern Art.
Black Iris, 1926.
George Bellows. Ashcan School.
Cliff Dwellers, 1913.
John Sloan. Ashcan School.
McSorley's Bar, 1912.
James Abbott McNeil Whistler. Realism.
Arrangement in Gray and Black, 1871.
Mary Cassatt. Impressionism.
Child's Bath, 1893.
George Caleb Bingham. Genre Painting.
The Jolly Flatboatmen, 1841.
Gilbert Stuart. Neo-Classicism.
George Washington, 1796.
Louis Sullivan. Modernism. The Chicago school.
Guaranty Building, 1894.
Frank Lloyd Wright. Prairie School.
Frank and Jane Isermann House, 1923
Frederick Law Olmsted. Landscape architecture.
Central Park, New York, 1858.