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Various tests for fitness ACE 4th edition manual

contraindications of treadmill testing

visual or balance problems, cannot walk on treadmill without use of handrails, orthopedic problems that create pain with prolonged walking, LBP can be aggravated in inclines exceeding 3-5%, foot neuropathy

Bruce submaximal treadmill exercise test

3 minute stages until client reaches 85% of age-predicted MHR, generally not appropriate for deconditioned individuals or elderly. Client must not hold on to handrails

Balke and Ware treadmill exercise test

administered in 1-3 minute stages until desired HR is achieved or symptoms limit test completion, test is more appropriate for deconditioned individuals, elderly and those with previous cariovascular disease speed is held constant

Ebbeling single-stage treadmill test

appropriate for low risk, apparently healthy, non athletic adults aged 20-59 years old.. Estimates vo2 max using a single stage, 4 minute submaximal treadmill walking protocol

contraindications of cycle ergometer testing

obese individuals who are not comfortable on the standard seats or are physically unable to pedal at appropriate cadence, orthopedic problems that limit the knee ROM to less than 110 degrees, neuromuscular problems who cannot maintain a cadence of 50 rotations per minute

ymca bike test

HRss response to incremental and predetermined 3 minute workloads

Astrand-Ryhming (A-R) cycle ergometer test

estimates VO2 max using a single stage 6 minute submaximal cycling protocol. easier for new trainers, but may be harder for inexprienced riders

Ventilatory threshold testing contraindications

individuals with breathing problems, individuals prone to panic/anxiety attacks, as the labored breathing may create discomfort or precipitate an attack, those recovering from recent respiratory infection

Field testing contrindications

outdoor.walk/un is not appropriate in extreme weather conditions, for individuals with health challenges that would preclude continuous walking, for individuals with breathing difficulties exacerbated by pollution or outdoor allergies.. Running tests are not recommended for those who are deconditioned

Rockport fitness walking test (1 mile)

walk 1 mile as fast as possible estimate vo2 max from clients hrss response,, suitable for many individuals .. although not appropriate for fit individuals

1.5 mile run test

used by us navy to evaluate cardiovascular fitness levels of its personnel.. measure cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance of the legs.. NOT suitable less-conditioned individuals

Step test contraindications

individuals extremely ovrweight, balance concerns, orthopedic problems, extremely deconditioned, short in stature

ymca submaximal step tes

suitable for low-risk apparently healthy, non athletic individuals 20-59 12 inch step.. 3 minutes heart rate tested for 1 minute after test.. evaluates recovery HR

mcardle step test

measures exercising HR from which vo2 max can be estimated. higher levels of aerobic fitness, but individuals who are short may struggle. women 88 cadence m,en 96 cadence hr counted 15 sec x 4

Push-Up test

measures upper body endurance: pectoralis muscles, triceps and anterior deltoids.. perform to fatigue or poor form

push up test contraindications

shoulder or wrist problems

cooper 90-degree push up test

more appropriate for individuals with shoulder or wrist problems elbows do not exced a 90 degree angle

curl up test

measure abdominal strength and endurance.. perform to fatigue

curl up test contraindications

low back pain, cervical neck issues

Trunk Flexor Endurance Test McGill's Torso Muscular Endurance test Battery.. Phase 1

assesses muscular endurance in the deep core muscles

contraindications of Trunk flexor endurance test

low back pain, have had receent back surgery or in the midst of acute low back flare up

trunk Lateral Endurance Test ( McGill)

assesses muscular endurance of the lateral core muscles

contraindications of the trunk lateral test(mcgill)

shoulder pain or weakness, suffer from low back pain

trunk extensor endurance test

assess muscular endurance of torso extensor muscles

contraidications of extensor endurance test

major strength deficiencies, high body mass, low back pain

flexion:extension ratio (mcgill balanced endurance)

should be less than 1.0

bodyweight squat test

only suitable for clients who demonstrate proper form when perfoa squat movement.. Lower extremity muscular endurace

Bodyweight squat test contraindications

a deconditioned or frail client with lower extremity weakness, balance concerns, orthopedic issues, especially in the knees, fails to demonstrate proper squatting technique

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