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A group of things gathered into a whole; sum total.
The aggregate of human experience had been compressed into that one extraordinary volume.


To set aside for a specific purpose; to allot.
Courtney allocated at least one hour a day for exercise.


To predict future events, especially from omens.
From the animal's strange behavior, the farmer could augur the imminent arrival of bad weather.


A fortified area or position; a person, place, or thing that is a source of strength.
The math advisor was a bastion of strength for students who were taking the advanced placement test.


Suitable, proper behavior or speech.
Talking loudly during a movie shows a lack of decorum.


No longer existing or functioning.
The typewriter store, once a thriving business, is defunct now that computers have become popular.


A lack of order; confusion.
It was hard to find anything on Sonje's desk because it was in complete disarray.


Calm, peaceful, and happy; prosperous.
Cassandra remembered the halcyon days when she was a little girl, playing with her best friend, Anissa.


A lecture, usually long, on how to behave morally.
Ms. Perkins was known for frequently delivering homilies to students who treated others rudely.


Extravagant exaggeration.
Charisse was using hyperbole when she described Ted as being as tall as a giraffe.


To plead for persistently
Lynette repeatedly importuned Chrissy to go shopping with her.


Legal authority to govern or control.
The federal government has jurisdiction over the nation's air traffic control system.


To think over again and again; to ponder.
I spent weeks ruminating about the meaning of Kafka's novella Metamorphosis.


Reckless boldness without regard to danger or opposition.
Desmond did not have the temerity to correct the French teacher's faulty pronunciation.


To separate and remove what is undesirable and leave what is desirable; to blow away the chaff from grain.
It was Nadia's job to interview potential employees, winnow out the unqualified candidates, and recommend the qualified candidates for a second interview.

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