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unit testing

tests each individual program separately

systems design

identifies the systems information requirements

you have been hired by a pharmaceutical company to evaluate its portfolio of system and IT projects. Which types of projects would be best avoided

high-risk, low benefit projects

when systems are created rapidly, without a formal development methodology

testing and documentation may be inadequate

in the traditional systems development lifecycle, end users

are limited to providing information requirements and reviewing the technical staffs work

you are an IT project manager for an advertisement firm. The firm wishes to create an online survey tool that will be used to survey focus group reactions to products in development. The most important consideration for the firm is being able to offer the tool as soon as possible as a new corporate services. However, you know that many of the senior managers that are business owners of this project have difficulty in understanding technical or software development issues, and are likely to change their requirements during the course of development. What development method would be most successful for this project?


which of the following is not part of the implementation process?

systems analysis

system testing:

tests the functioning of the system as a whole in order to determine if discrete modules will function together as planned

management can control the development of end-user applications in part by:

establishing standards for project requirements

fourth-generation tools cannot replace conventional development tools because they:

cannot handle large numbers of transactions or extensive procedural logic

users prefer systems that:

are oriented to facilitating organizational tasks and solving business problems

in a direct cutover conversion strategy, the new system

replaces the old one at an appointed time

this type of systems development is characterized by significantly speeding up the design phase and the generation of information requirements and involving users at an intense level


in a parallel conversion strategy, the new system:

and the old are run together

_______ refers to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraints

project managment

"Hidden costs" such as _____ costs can easily undercut anticipated benefits from outsourcing

vendor selection

system design specifications that address input issues will include specifications for:

flow and data entry

system design specifications that address database issues will include specifications for:

volume and speed requirements

the worth of systems from a financial perspective essentially revolves around the question of:

return on invested capital

transferring transaction data from a legacy system to the new system would be defined by which system design specification category?


to show each level of a design, its relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall design structure, structured methodologies use:

structured charts

developing an information system has been compared to the problem-solving process. Which one of the following problem solving-steps is not a part of systems analysis?

implement the solution

order the following steps in the systems development process in the correct sequence.

systems analysis, systems design, hardware and software acquisition, testing, training and documentation, conversion, production, and maintenance.

object-orientated modeling is based on the concepts of:

class and inheritance

________ are tangible benefits of information systems

reduced workforce, lower outside vendor costs, and increased productivity

the primary tool for representing a systems component processes and the flow of data between them is the:

data flow diagram

a________ shows each task as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to the time required to complete it.

Gantt chart

a business document indicating the direction of systems development, the ratioale, the current systems, new developments to consider, the managment strategy, the implementation plan, and the budget is called a

information systems plan

if an organizations requirements conflict with the software package chosen and the package cannot be customized, the organization will have to:

change its procedures

acceptance testing

provides the final certification that the system is ready to be used in a production setting

object-orientated devlopment could potentially reduce the time and cost of writing software because

objects are reusable

an entire information system is broken down into its main subsystems by using:

high-level data flow diagrams

the entire system-building effort is driven by:

user information requirements

changes in hardware, software, documentation, or production to a production sustem to correct errors, meet new requirements, or improve processing efficiencies are termed:


the Girl Scouts conversion strategy of first introducing the modules for ordering cookies and then introducing the modules for transmitting orders and the instructions to the cookie factory and the shipper is called a

phased approach

the process of creating workable information systems in a very short period of time is called


the term structured, when discussing methodologies, refers to the fact that:

techniques are step by step, with each step building on the previous one

groups of objects are assembled into software comonents for common functions, which can be combined into large-scale business applications, in which type of software development?

component-based development

which of the following tools may help identify risk associated with employess acceptance of a new information system?

organizational impact analysis

compared to the use of proprietary components, web services promise to be less expensive and less difficult to implement because of:

the use of universal standards

_______ are untangible benefits of information systems

improved asset utilization, increased organizational learning, and improved operations

the project risk will rise if the project team and the IS staff lack:

the required technical expertise

which process develops a detailed description of the functions that a new information system must perform?

requirements analysis

______ provides software tools to automate development methodologies and reduce the amount of repetitive work in systems development


in an object-orientated development framework for a university, how would the classes Degree, mathematics, and physics be related?

Degree is a superclass to mathematics and physics

Determining methods for feedback and error handling would be defined by which system design specification category?

user interface

the oldest method for building information systems is:

the systems development lifecycle

as a technical project manager you have decided to propose implementing a prototyping methodology for a small web-based design project. What is the order of steps you will follow in this project?

identify user requirements, develop the prototype, use the prototype, revise and enhance the prototype

what was the primary problem facing the Girl Scouts regarding their supply chain problems?

ordering process was inefficient for a large volume of orders

which process is used to develop risk profiles for a firms information system projects and assets?

portfolio analysis

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