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CPT basics

things you need to know
this is an example of unethical or illegal coding:
Dividing services provided into separate codes when a single code is available
The transformation of verbal descriptions of diseases, injuries, & procedures into numbers is called:
Two coding systems are used by physicians' - 1)diagnoses, 2nd one is:
services and procedure
Physicians CPT is revised :
Basic CPT codes use:
five digits
Add-on modifier -26 indicates the :
professional component
Codes 99281-99285 refer to:
Emergency department services
In some billing cases it is necessary to add a 2 digit modifier in order to:
give a more accurate description
CPT codes,descriptions and 2 digit modifiers are copyrighted by:
American Medical Association
When transferring codes to claim forms be careful to
keep from transposing numbers
Unbundling, exploding, or a la carte coding are:
If multiple lacerations are repaired under the same classification & in the same group of anatomic parts a billing and coding specialist should:
add the sum of lengths and report one code
Modifier code -66 indicates
surgical team
Modifier code -99 indicates
multiple modifiers
which of the following is NOT needed when coding a laceration repair:
Cause of wound
Modifier -76 is:
for a repeat procedure by the same physician
The purpose of CPT is to:
convert medical descrip. into 5 digit codes
CPT coding system is not used by:
CPT coding system was developed by the:
American Medical Association
In the CPT manual,a bullet symbol indicates:
new code
In the CPT manual, a bullet symbol indicates:
revised description
where in the CPT manual is a complete summary of additions,deletions, and revisions located
In Appendix B
This is not a section in the CPT manual:
Integumentary system
There are two types of CPT codes: stand-alone and:
add on or indented codes
which of the following is NOT included in the CPT surgery package?
General anesthesia
modifier -62 indicates:
a co-surgeon
CPT surgical packages are used only by:
third party payers
Claims including codes for an unusaul,new,seldom performed or unlisted procedure should include a:
written medical report
In the CPT index, main terms are listed by:
procedure/service, organ/anatomic site,and condition,synonym,eponym,or abbreviation
At the beginning of the CPT index are:
Even if only one code is listed for the desired procedure in the index of the CPT manual, the user ___
must refer to the main text
The CPT manual is divided into how many sections?
The E & M section is organized by type of service, place of service, and :
patient status
The key components of documentation that support levels of E/M codes are:
history, examination, and medical decision-making