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Every Function has to follow a set of rules, or ___ which specifies how the function should be written


Copies content and formats from a cell or range into an adjacent cell or range

Date Function

A ___ ___ is used to display the current date

Compound Interest

The interest paid is calculated on the principal and any previous interest payments that have been added to that principal

Insert Function Dialog Box

The ___ ___ ___ ___ organizes all of the functions by category and allows you to search for functions that perform particular calculations

F4 Key

Rather than retyping the formula, you can switch the reference in editing mode by selecting the cell reference and pressing the ___ ___


Functions can also be placed inside another function, or _____


_____ is the amount charged for lending money


To calculate the most common value in data

Relative References

When you enter a formula into a cell, Excel interprets cell references in the formula in relation to the cell's location and when you copy the formula into other cells, Excel applies the same interpretation to the formula's new location


____ are the numbers, text, or cell references used by the function to return a value

Mixed References

___ ___ contains both relative and absolute references.

Simple Interest

The interest paid is equal to the percentage of principal for each period that the money has been lent

Logical Function

Function that works with values that are either true or false

Optional Arguments

Not all functions have arguments, and some functions have ___ ____

PMT Function

Use to calculate the payments for any type of loan

Comparison Operator

Is a symbol that indicates the relationship between two values

Financial Functions

___ ___ in Excel calculate values from loans and investments

Absolute references

References that are fixed are called ____ ____

Fill handle

The small black square in the lower-right corner of a selected cell or range is called the ___ ___


____ is the amount of money being loaned


When data includes a few extremely large or extremely small values, it might be best to use the ____ function

If Function

Logical function that returns one value if the statement is true and returns a different value if the statement is false.

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