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either of two opposing forces or parts, such as in a magnet


active power, energy, or physical strength; push or a pull


to drive away or force backwards


a property of certain kinds of materials that causes them to attract iron or steel


a rock that possesses magnetic properties and attracts iron; magnetite


an object that attracts iron and some other materials by virtue of a natural or inducted force


to cause to come near, as by some special quality or action

North poles face ____________.


South poles face _____________.


Like poles __________.


Unlike poles ____________.


Magnetic forces attract only ____________ materials.


Magnetic forces act at a __________.


A coil of wire with an electric current flowing through it becomes a _________.


What metals are attracted to magnets?

iron and steel

The earth is like a giant magnet because the core is made of _____.


What happens if two magnets have the same poles facing each other?

they repel

What happens if two magnets have opposite poles facing each other?

they attract

What direction does a compass needle always face?


Where were magnets first discovered?


What is the name of a naturally occurring magnet

magnetite, lodestone

What can cause a magnet to lose its magnetic properties?

Dropping it over and over or heating it up

How is an electromagnt different from a regular magnet?

An electromagnet can turn on and off

Can we use a battery to make a magnet?

yes because they are electromagnets and make electricity

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