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Marriott Vacation Club just introduced what kind of ownership?


Existing Marriott Vacation Club owners will have to convert their ownership into the new program.


Timeshare sales have increased or decreased in the United States since last year.


At the end of the semester Dr. Kaufman accepts extra credit papers if you have a poor grade.


Before the banking issues if you could sign your name and wanted to buy it timeshare resorts would sell it to you.


It is a good time to buy a timeshare on the resale market.


Vacation ownership originated in the United States.


What company does not have a timeshare segment?

None of the above

If you own a timeshare you must always return to the same resort every year.


What decade were timeshares created?


Wyndham is charging how much for owners to purchase guest certificates(needed for people the owner chooses to use the property/not the owner)?


Wyndham currently allows owners to sell their points to other owners at no cost.


Timeshares are a good real estate investment.


Hyatt Vacation Club has locations in the following places

Key West, Lake Tahoe, Carmel, CA

Hyatt Vacation Club owners may redeem points for travel to participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts.


The tests and exams are administered in the classroom. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will not be able to take the exam.


Timeshare owners are responsible for repairs of their resort in the case of a hurricane.


If an owner decides to sell their timeshare it is really easy, there is a big market of people that want to buy.


MOST people are satisfied with their time share purchase


Owners can deed their timeshare to their friends and family


There are less than 1,000 timeshare resorts in the United States.


Bluegreen Resorts stock price is currently at the lowest point of the past 52 weeks


The Middle East is an emerging timeshare market


Most timeshares are brands.


Vino Bello Resort is located in ....


Bluegreen Resorts have timeshare in which location?

Big Canoe, GA
Lake Lure, NC
Hershey, PA

What percentage of timeshare owners own timeshares at two resorts?


Bluegreen's operating income from Dec 31 2006 to Dec 31 2009 has decreased by how many million?

37.6 mil

More than half of timeshares are financed through the developer


Bluegreen Corporation gross profit decreased between 2008 and 2009


The smallest number of timeshare projects is located where in the US?


Most timeshare owners stated that if they were buying another timeshare that they would purchase it new through the developer


One of the benefits of Shell Vacation Clubs is the opportunity to go on African safaris.


One thing the California and Hawaii timeshare markets have in common is

High product costs

The timeshare industry is now heavily regulated on a state-by-state basis


Over half of the timeshare owners live where

east coast

The most mentioned reason that people hesitate before buying a timeshare is the price


Most timeshare owners stayed in their home resort instead of exchanging for another one in 2007.


Timeshares are only allowed to charge maintenance fees. Special assessments that cover extra costs such as storm damage cannot be charged


Andrew Carnegie paid Charles Schwab 1 million dollars a year to be the president of his Steel company because he knew more about steel than anybody else


The right to use timeshare the owner gets to use a timeshare for a certain period of time, but they do not own it


Typically, timeshares are built in phases. Construction does not begin until 50% of the property has been sold.


Today timeshare resorts may contain as many as 1,000 units


Openly criticizing someone never works


Interval International allows you to receive other travel discounts with your membership (example...special rates for cruises)


Which exchange company has resorts in Fiji

Both Interval International and RCI

Hilton Grand Vacations has resorts in Scotland


Time shares now include hotel rooms, yachts and castles, but the resort condominiums with pools and tennis courts still dominate


Does RCI have all inclusive resorts?


There is no best place to own a timeshare


Timeshare owners must contract with the developer to manage the resort. They cannot hire outside firms


The Hilton Grand Vacation Club has a property in New York City


As soon as your week is deposited with an exchange company

you can request and get the week you want if it is available

How much can families save per day by not dining in expensive restaurants for every meal while staying at a timeshare resort and using their kitchen for some meals


Lincoln never publicly criticized anyone in his life


A downside to owning a timeshare is that you must continue to pay the yearly maintenance fee, which can increase over the lifetime of the resort, whether you use it or not


Fixed week ownership means that you have the right to occupy (or have available for trade or rent) a specific week and unit number at the resort you own every year


According to Dale Carnagie, what is the one secret to success?

get the other person's point of view and see things from that angle as well as from your own

The act of a timeshare owner in deferring the use of a timeshare interest from a given year into the next succeeding year


If a person owns a biennial timeshare they get to use it twice a year


All people whether they are cleaning toilets or head of a corporation what to be admired.


The statutorily required "cooling-off" period during which a purchaser can decide not to purchase the timeshare interest and rescind the purchase contract. How long is it in the state of Florida?

10 days

Most timeshare owners in Europe come from which country?


What percentage of European owners own multiple weeks of timeshare?

Nearly 80 percent

People that...... tend to manage, teach, and sell more effectively and to raise happier children.


The name given to the prospective purchaser who is acquired through an OPC effort to take a tour. Another name for qualifying tour or prospect. What is this person called?


A vacation certificate or other inducement that requires that the prospective purchaser take a tour to receive the premium. What is this called?


Everyone that purchases a timeshare purchases for the same reason


The transfer of use rights in a use period for a given use year into an exchange program. What is this called?


A use period which has not been reserved by any timeshare owner prior to the commencement of the use period or a specifically defined period. It is often use by the management company for maintenance or by the management company or the developer for use in a rental program


The marketing effort utilized in the sale of timeshare interests where the developer's marketing agent sets up an information booth or otherwise attracts prospects at areas located off of the timeshare resort premises for the purpose of taking a timeshare tour on the premises.


Between, (what country) and Florida in the United States account for 20% of the timeshare resorts


Interval International and Resorts Condominium International account for (what percentage) of the exchange programs offered by timeshare resorts

More than 90%

Timeshare owners are less likely to be married than the rest of the US population


A timeshare plan under which the purchaser receives a timeshare interest in the plan subject to the requirement that the purchaser contact the association or management company to reserve a specific use period in a specific unit each calendar year


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