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Flash cards for the MD-11 systems.

AC Tie Bus Priority

1. External Power
2. IDG
Never uses APU

AC Bus Priority

1. Respective IDG.
2. APU
3. External Power

FADEC consists of what?

Full authority digital electric engine control
Consists of
1. Engine Control Unit
2. Permanent Magnetic Alternator (N2 power)
3. FCU?


1. Primary. Protection from compressor stall and overspeed.
2. Reversionary. Holds what it had.
3. Alternate. Uses charted values. (special alternate=violated the FADEC bar.)

Select A or B ignition

1. 100% N1 APU
2. Arms A or B ignition system
3. Arms the DC holding solenoid for the engine start switch.

Fuel Parting Shot

1. Tank pumps 1, 2, and 3 on.
2. Cross-feed valves closed.
3. Fill valves remain in previous state.
4. Aux and tail transfer pumps on.
5. 1 and 3 transfer pumps off.
6. 2 transfer on.
7. Tail alt off.

Bogie trim

1. Aligns the main truck.
2. Gear perpendicular to the main strut.
3. Strut straight.

Ditching switch.

1. Closes holes.
2. Zero pressure differential.
3. Inhibits GPWS.

Flap Limiter

Enabled when flaps are extended between 22 and 50 degrees.

Three FMS modes of operation.

1. Dual.
2. Independent.
3. Standby.

What does the ADG power in HYD mode?

1. Left emergency AC bus.
2. ADG bus.
3. #1 auxiliary hydraulic pump.

What turns the RMPs on?

1. 45% N2.
2. System pressure low.
3. Auto slat extension.

What turns the RMPs off?

1. Less than 1 gallon.
2. ADG deployed.
3. Phase of flight. Below FL180 or Dirty.

What is the Fuel dump rate?

5800 pounds per minute.

When does the fuel dump stop?

1. FMS max gross land weight.
2. Low level dump cutoff ~12000 lbs.

What controls the trim air PRV?

Trim air switch.

What controls the trim air mod valve?

Temperature settings.

How many slats?


How many slats are heated?


How many slats auto-extend?


Exterior safety check

1. Nose wheel tethered.
2. Wheels chocked. (or tug)
3. Flight controls clear.
4. Flaps and slats observe.
5. Main gear doors.
6. APU intake and exhaust clear.

When do you need MAX POWER on T/O?

1. Windshear
2. Ice.
3. Noise Abatement.
4. Anti-skid inop.
5. Brake inop.
6. Clutter.
7. Pressure altitude > 6k.

Fuel tank capacity.

Wing 41
Main 65
Aux 98
Tail 13
Total 258

ADG powers in Electric Mode?

1. Left and Right emergency AC.
2. Left and Right emergency DC.
3. Battery charger.
4. Battery bus.

APU oil quantity?

2 Quarts.

Tail fuel management. Start & End.

> 60K fuel on engine start
Begins @ "Slats retract"
CG = 2% forward of max aft.
51K no more aft.
11.5K Main fuel forward.
FL270 descent transfer forward.
Above FL200 Level for ten minutes TFM resumes.

FADEC inputs

CADC1 (TAT, Total pressure, pressure altitude)
CADC2 (TAT, Total pressure, pressure altitude)
Throttle position.

Fire Test

DC seven lights (3 fire handles, 1 APU fire handle, 3 fuel levers)
AC seven lights plus (2-3-4)
Master warning(2)
Aural alerts:
1 Engine fire bell
2 Voice warning (Betty) for each engine.
3 Tri-tone (sounds for APU part of test).
EAD alert (4 level 3 alerts, each engine and APU.)

Flight deck prep

Battery switch on
Electrical power evaluate.
Fire test
APU start
Serviceables Oil and Tire pressure.
Status page check
Test HUD and lights

Interior safety check

1. Emergency power switch off.
2. Fuel dump switch off.
3. Windshield wipers off(2).
4. Gear handle down/in. W/pwr check for lights.
5. Parking brake off.
6. Flap/Slat handle agrees.
7. Radar off. (4-1-4, 4 ovrhd/1 fwd/ 4 ctr pedestal)

Takeoff essentials checklist

1. Stab trin in the green
2. Slats extended
3. Flaps agreee with FMS
4. Parking brake not set
5. Spoilers armed (white box no aural for MEL)

Landing essentials chekclist

Gear not down
Flaps not in landing range
Spoilers not armed (White for MEL)

APU lights

DOOR...door disagree
FAIL...APU is broke
FUEL...Low pressure
OFF...APU GEN not connected

APU Start limits

2 starts, 10 minutes cool, 2 starts, 60 minutes cool

Hydraulic controllers/channels

1 controller 2 channels

Electrical controllers/channels

1 controller 1 channel

Air controllers/channels

1 controller 2 channels

Fuel controllers/channels

1 controller 2 channels

Pressurization controllers/channels

2 controllers 1 channel

Emergency power switch to arm initiates?

Emergency power test...LCA
C-Charger (battery)
A-ADG circuitry

Battery only what do you have?

15 minutes
DUs 1 and 3

ADG in HYD mode

90 minutes

ADG Electric mode

Unlimited time. Now have Batt charger.
DU's 4,5,6
HF 2
# 2 left aft pump
Tail tank Alt pump

Start time limits:Fuel to light off

25 seconds

Approach idle turned on when?

Anti-ice on
Flaps/Slats extended

EGT limits for start

750 GE
535 Pratt

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