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Christian Traditions

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-the experience of the organized, worldly(secular) church did not appeal to everyone
-in many religious traditions there are people who believe that in order to get closer to god one should leave society, and abandon worldly pleasures to live in a separate community organized around prayer asceticism
-some early Christians desired to hide from society and to live lives of solitude and contemplation because: they felt the second coming was soon, the material world was evil, to get closer to god, depriving yourself can lead to experiences interpreted as mystical/ spiritual
-they lived lives of poverty, chastity and obedience to their religious ideals and emulate apostolic life
-hermits- early Christians fled civilized society to live as solitary hermits and ordinary people began to regard these hermits as individuals with special spiritual powers
-St. Anthony of the desert (3C)- born to wealthy parents and inherited their fortune, at 35 he resolved to flee the material world and follow the apostolic life for 20 years from support by local people, he gained fame more hermits settled nearly in 305 he agreed to be a spiritual guide for his community which was the first monastic community. after 25 years, 3000 monasteries in Egypt/ 50 years- 7000
-goals and ideals- prayer, theology, reading/writing, enables people to live holy perfect life, best way to attain the christian ideal, monastic life became popular and attracted many women, were giving food/money in exchange for spiritual services, they became independent and gained political power
-simeon the stylite- 40 days with no food/water, lived on top of pillar, many imitators, very famous