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A sentence of imprisonment that is suspended by a judge


Probation is most common form of punishment, True or False


The status of an offender conditionally released from a prison by a paroling authority prior to the completion of prison sentence.

Community Corrections

A form of probation requiring supervision and the completion of court required activities
Examples: Probation, parole, home confinement and electronic monitoring.

John Augustus

World's first probation officer, took prisoners into his home

Yes but not for first degree murder in Michigan

Can a convicted murderer be placed on probation?


% of of guilty individuals placed on probation


GENERAL CONDITIONS of probation include:
obey laws
maintain employment
remain within jurisdiction
allow probation officer to visit home or work place
pay court ordered fines


Those on probation are not forced to submit to warrentless searches such as breath/blood/urine testing.


Percent of individuals on probation complete successfully


Parole is widely used today as it is considered very effective, true or false


Percent of those who complete parole


The number of probation and/or parole clients assigned to one probation or parole officer for supervision

Supervision, Pre-sentence investigation reports, misc reports

3 Duties of a probation/parole officer


Recommended caseload for parole officer


Many parole officers face high caseloads and lack of career mobility, true or false

Split sentence

Confinement in local jail + probation

Shock probation

confinement + surprise release

Shock incarceration

boot camp is an example of

Mixed sentence

weekends in jail + probation supervision

intensive supervision

at least 5 face-to-face contacts with probation officer each week

Intermediate sanctions

Shock probation, shock incarceration, mixed sentence, intensive supervision, and community service are all examples of:


Which of the following is a correctional strategy?
Community Service

Max Security

Prison with highs walls, fences, secure cells Primarily concerned with custody

Med Security

Prison with - greater inmate freedom

Min Security

Prison with - dormitory-like setting, private rooms, unarmed correctional officers, Primarily concerned with rehabilitation

Own restraint

What is the primary force that keeps minimum-security prisoners from escaping?


The repetition of criminal behavior.
Includes post incarceration:
Correctional Commitment
Correctional Status Changes
Within a given period of time.


State Prisons
Most have been convicted of a ____ crime


Federal Prisons
Most have been convicted of a _____ offense

Selective incapacitation

Attempts to identify the potentially most dangerous criminals with the goal of selectively removing them from society. Releasing non violent offenders from custody.

Ex post facto

A law that is passed after the fact

Prison capacity

Size of the correctional population an institution can effectively hold

Rate capacity

Inmate population a facility can handle according to experts

Operational capacity

Prison management's estimate of capacity

Design capacity

architectural capacity design - inmate population the institution was originally built to handle

The count

What is the name of the control mechanism used by correctional staff at regular intervals during the day?


Ultra-maximum security. Only one is found in colorado


Holds mob bosses, spies, terrorists murderers, escape artists, etc.
Only toughest 1% of federal prison population is confined there.


In ADMAX prisons, dangerous prisoners are confined to cells 23 hours per day & not allowed to associate with one another. True or False

High security

U.S. Penitentiaries (hold 10%) are an example of

Med security

Federal Correctional Institutions (hold 23%) are an example of

Low security

Federal Prison Camps (hold 35%) are an example of


Confinement facility administered by a local or county government; holds individuals serving a court imposed sentence and those awaiting adjudication.


Jail is short term confinement, half of inmates have not yet been convicted, true or false


The number of males being sentenced to jail is growing much faster than females. True or false

Private prisons

Correctional facilities operated by private firms on behalf of local and state governments.

Direct supervision

New jail management strategy consisting of a system of pods or modular self-contained housing areas
open environment

Total institutions

Places where people work, play, eat, sleep, and recreate together on a daily basis


Prison social structure consisting of rules and procedures established by correctional authorities


Social structure also called prison subculture


Prison staff who articipates in the prison economy. Supplies drugs, pornography, alcohol, and sometimes even weapons to inmates


Most women's prisons have ____ major disturbances or escapes.


The number of women being sent to prison is on the increase. true or false

Pell v. Procunier

established the "balancing test."

balancing test

attempts to weigh the rights of individuals against the state's authority to make laws or otherwise restrict a person's freedom in order to protect its interests and its citizens


prisoners have a reasonable expectation to privacy when incarcerated. True or false


A prisoner's private mail from immediate family members (may or may not) be opened and censored by prison authorities

Writ of Habeas Corpus

A __________ directs the person detaining a prisoner to bring him or her before a judicial officer to determine the lawfulness of the imprisonment.


_________ is the socialization process of inmates into the prison subculture.


The ______ model of prison culture suggests that immates bring values, roles, and behavior patterns for the outside world.


In the special language of prisoners a _______ is slang for an informant.


A ______ is an aggressive man who assumes the masculine role in a homosexual relation in prison.


If inmates were to gain control of an institution, which type of correctional officer would most likely by targeted for vengeance?


A ______ is a prisoner that thinks of prison as home and feels more comfortable institutionalized than on the streets.


The correctional officer that tries to fraternize with inmates, and attempts to be one of the guys is classified as a ___________.


In the special language of prisoners a __________ is a male inmate who is forced into a submissive or feminine role during homosexual relations.


As the inmates become older within the prison system, this is known as the __________ of America's prison population.


The drug counselor is part of the ________ staff in the prison.


_____ consider themselves to be political prisoners

Unannounced Searches

The U.S. Supreme Court case of Hudson v. Palmer ruled that prison officials may conduct ______________ of inmates personal possessions.


Less than 10% of felons released on parole are rearrested for a felony within 3 years of being sentenced?

Community Corrections

Home confinement and electronic monitoring are examples of?

Mixed Sentence

This type of sentence combines weekend incarceration and probation supervision during the week?

Shock incarceration

This intermediate sanction resembles a military boot camp?

Elmira reformatory

This reformatory was the first to use parole?


This is the most common form of sentencing in the US?


The Parole board orders probation?

Community service

Which sentencing alternative requires an offender to spend part of their sentence working for a community agency?


Probation is ordered by the court or the judge?

Griffin v Wisconsin

Which Supreme Court case ruled that a probationers residence can be searched without a search warrant?

False (caught committing an additional crime)

Failure to hold a job is the most frequent violation for which parole revocation occurs?

Split sentence

This type of sentence requires time to be served in a local jail before a period of supervised probation?

False (around 5% or less)

Approximately 15% of people convicted of homicide are placed on probation?


Maximum security prisons are primarily concerned with custody?

Drug offenses

The majority of inmates in federal institutions have been convicted of?

Minimum security

____ security prisons have a dormitory- like setting and unarmed correctional officers?

United States penitentiaries

High-security facilities in the federal prison system are known as _______?


Violence in Women's prisons occurs less/ or more often than in men's prisons?


Inmates have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their cells?

False (custody and control)

The primary concern of today's correctional officers is the rehabilitation of inmates?

Prison Argot

____ is the language of prisoners??


John Irwin described the lifestyle of an inmate who takes advantage of the positive experiences the prison has to offer is said to be an?

Administrative staff

The warden is part of the ______ staff in the prison?


The drug counselor is part of the ______ staff in the prison?

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