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Boll Weevil

a small beetle that destroyed Georgia's primary crop in the 1920's

Great Migration

The mass movement of Southerners to the North

Laissez Faire

The belief that the government did not have to intervene in the economic problems-the economy would fix itself

The New Deal

Franklin D. Roosevelt's plan that was a series of economic recovery and social improvement programs


A nation's decision not to be involved in the affairs of other nations


The term used to refer to the murder of over 6 million Jews and others in Nazi concentration camps

Stock Market

The place where shares in corporations are bought and sold

The Great Depression

The United States major economic downturn in 1929

Minimum Wage

The least amount an employer can pay an employee for an hour's work

Rural Electricity Act

FDR's act that resulted from his first night in Warm Springs, GA


To open schools to members of all races


When consumption of something is very limited

Collective Bargaining

Discussion between union members and employers regarding wages, hours, and benefits


Giving an aggresor whatever it wants to avoid war


Individuals who want to rule through military might

WWII (World War 2)

The war that broke out on September of 1939


When the US would lend or lease arms (weapons) to Great Britain

Stretch out

Required workers to do as much work in 8 hours that they had previously done in 12


Grants of money from the government


Money or goods given to people in special need from natural disasters (think Haiti or Japan)

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