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  1. The flow of electrons through a wire or any conductor; measured in a amperes (A) with an ammeter.
  2. The difference in electric potential energy between two different points; measured in volts (V).
  3. A closed path through which electrons flow.
  4. A material that allows electrons to move easily through it.
  5. A material that does not allow heat or electrons to move through it easily.

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  1. wet cellA power source that generates electric current by a chemical reaction


  2. ohm's lawStates that potential difference=current X resistance, or V (volts)=I (amperes) X R (ohms).


  3. resistanceThe force exerted by a machine to overcome resistance to gravity or friction


  4. electroscopeAn area surrounding an electron that exerts a force on anything nearby with an electric charge; is strongest nearest the electron and weakens with a distance.


  5. series circuitAn electrical circuit where the current flows through more than one path. If one path is interrupted, current will still flow through the other paths.