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CHAPTER 1: "The Sound of the Shell"
1. What is the scar? The scar is the path in the jungle created by the plane crash.
2. How old is Ralph? Ralph is 12 years old.
3. What prevents Piggy from running and swimming? Piggy's asthma prevents him from running and swimming.
4. What does Ralph find that Piggy thinks is valuable? Piggy thinks the conch shell is valuable.
5. What does Piggy suggest be done with the treasure Ralph has found? They think they should use the conch shell to help find the other people.
6. Why is Ralph elected chief? He was elected chief beecause he was holding the conch.
7. What does Ralph do for Jack to maintain the peace? To maintain the peace between Jack and Ralph, Ralph lets Jack be the leader of the choir.
8. What excuse does Jack give for not killing the pig? Jack didn't kill the pig because he was too afraid of the blood dripping out of it but the excuse was the pig was moving too fast and he didn't know where to stab.
9. What do Piggy and Simon have in common? Simon and Piggy are both outsiders.
10. How is Piggy revealed as most closely tied to the adult world? He is closely tied to the adult world because he looks like an adult, and is very mature and smart.
CHAPTER 2: "Fire on the Mountain"
1. What does the small boy with the mulberry birthmark tell the assembly? The boy with the mulberry birthmark says that he sees a snake-like beast in the forest.
2. How does Ralph calm the small boy? Ralph calms the small boy by saying the beastie doesn't exist.
3. What does Ralph plan to do to help the boys get rescued? Ralph's plan is to have a fire going so if any ships go by, they will see the fire and rescue them.
4. Why do the boys suddenly need Piggy's specs? The boys need Piggy's specs to light their fire, and they don't have anything else to use.
CHAPTER 3: "Huts on the Beach"
1. How has Jack's appearance changed since last summer? Jack's appearance has changed since last year because his hair has grown, and become lighter from being in the sun, and he has many freckles and sunburn as well.
2. What is Jack doing in the woods? Jack was hunting in the woods.
3. What is Ralph doing while Jack is in the woods? Ralph is building huts or shelters while Jack is hunting.
4. What reasons does Ralph give for needing the shelters? Ralph says they need the shelters for the littluns, so that they have something to go back to as a home, and so they are less scared of the beastie.
5. Who first suggests they might not be on a "good" island? Ralph is the first one to suggest they might not be on a good island
6. Where does Simon go when he leaves the boys? Why? When Simon leaves the boys he goes to the forest and enjoys the nature, to connect with nature and be free.
CHAPTER 4: "Painted Faces and Long Hair"
1. What gives Littlun Henry so much pleasure as he pokes with a stick at the small forms of life in the pool? Henry likes the idea of control over something else, because he never had any back home, and there's no way he'd be allowed to poke a stick at living things in a pool.
2. What keeps Roger from actually hitting Henry with the stones he throws at the smaller boys? Roger doesn't hit Henry with the stones because he is unsure of what the consequences will be.
3. What reason does Jack give for applying the colored clay to his face? Jack wants to apply colored clay to his face because he thinks that's why he can't kill a pig, because of his pink skin.
4. Why couldn't the boys signal the ship that Ralph saw on the horizon? The boys couldn't signal the ship because the fire had gone out while they were busy hunting.
5. Where were Jack and his choir when Ralph spotted the smoke from the ship? Jack and his choir were hunting when Ralph saw the smoke from the ship.
6. Why does Jack attack Piggy and what is the result of the attack? Jack attacks Piggy because Piggy called him immature, and the result is Jack smacks Piggy, and his glasses fall off and break.
7. What is Jack's reaction when Simon gives Piggy his meat? Jack wants Simon to eat it, and he thinks Simon should be grateful Jack got him meat and not give it all to Piggy.
CHAPTER 5: "Beast from Water"
1. Why does Ralph choose an easy path of firm ground to the platform to call an assembly? He chooses an easy path of firm ground to call the assembly because he needed to think and that was the only place he could without having to watch them.
2. What is Ralph discovering that he dislikes about the way he is living? Ralph doesn't like that his hair is long and dirty and he doesn't like the fact he can't do anything about it.
3. How does Piggy show disapproval as Ralph's assembly is called? Piggy shows disapproval of the assembly by standing outside of the triangle, showing he would listen but not speak.
4. What four complaints does Ralph bring up at the hastily called assembly? The four points Ralph brings up are that the fire needs to be lit all the time (and only on the mountainside, so they don't light the whole island on fire), where people go to the bathroom, that you need to drink water from the right spot, and that they were to sleep in the shelters, and he also complained they didn't help with the building of the shelters.
5. Littlun Phil reports he saw something at night in the jungle. What was is? Littlun Phil says that last night he had a dream and in the dream he was outside of his shelter fighting twisty things in the forest, and he woke up outside his shelter and the things had gone away.
6. What does Littlun Percival Wemys Madison reveal to the assembly? Percival says that the beastie comes from the sea.
7. What rationale does Piggy give for not believing in ghosts? He says there are no ghosts because he thinks that believing in ghosts is immature,
8. What is the paradox of the boys' attitude toward the beast? They are terrified of the beast, although it doesn't even exist.
9. What is a paradox? A paradox is a phrase than contradicts and doesn't really make sense.
10. Why does Piggy dissuade Ralph from giving up his position as chief? Piggy dissuades Ralph from giving up because Piggy wouldn't be safe if Ralph gave up, and Piggy thinks that Ralph can take Jack.
CHAPTER 6: "Beast from Air"
1. What falls to the island during the night? The parachutist falls from the sky.
2. What has happened above the island to make this thing descend? The parachutist falls from the sky because it was a man killed in war combat in an airplane.
3. Who discovers this thing? Sam discover the parachutist or "the beastie."
4. What is the dramatic irony surrounding this thing? Irony about the parachutist is that he came from air combat during the war, and the boys are having a war right now too.
5. Why do Ralph and Jack both insist on going after the Beast? Jack wants to hunt the beast because he likes to hunt and wants to kill the beast, and Ralph goes to prove himself to Jack.
6. Why does Jack say they don't need the conch any longer? Jack says the conch is no longer needed because everyone knows who should be talking and who is unnecessary to be talking.
CHAPTER 7: "Shadows and Tall Trees"
1. What does Ralph long for? Ralph longs for things to make his appearance better, scissors to cut his hair, and something to clean his nails.
2. What distracts the boys from searching for the Beast? The boys are distracted by pig droppings they find, and they need meat, so they go search for the pig.
3. What does Ralph daydream about? He dreams about being back home.
4. When the boar charges, what does Ralph do? Ralph throws the spear at the boar when it charges.
5. Who volunteers to go alone through the jungle to tell Piggy the boys will return after dark? The one who volunteers to go alone through the jungle to tell Piggy the boys will return after dark is Simon.
6. What do Ralph, Jack, and Roger find when they get to the top of the mountain? When the boys get to the top of the mountain they find a frog.
CHAPTER 8: "Gift for the Darkness"
1. How does Jack respond when Ralph calls his hunters "boys armed with sticks"? Jack becomes enraged and "marched away" when Ralph calls his hunters "boys armed with sticks"
2. What does Jack do when the boys won't respond to his demand to be chief? Jack leaves and says anyone who wants him to be chief can come with him.
3. What does Piggy suggest they do since they can't return to the mountain to build the fire? Piggy thinks that they should just build the fire on the beach.
4. What happens to most of the Biguns while Ralph and Piggy are busy? Many of the Biguns go and join Jack's tribe.
5. What gift does Jack offer to help pacify the Beast? Jack offers a pig's head on a stick to pacify the beast.
6. What does Jack ask Roger to do to a stick? Jack asks Roger to sharpen it at both ends, and dig one end into the ground and the other on the pig's head.
7. Why is the killing of the sow discussed in such detail? It's discussed in such detail because it shows how barbaric these boys are becoming.
8. What does the Lord of the Flies tell Simon? The Lord of the Flies tells Simon that he is not the beast, but the beast is inside them all. It also tells Simon he is a silly little boy.
CHAPTER 9: "A View to a Death"
1. When Simon awakens and goes up to the mountain, what does he discover? Simon discovers a dead figure , which is the parachutist.
2. Why does Jack organize the feasts? He organizes the feast to turn people against Ralph.
3. What is the "thing that crawls out of the forest"? The thing that crawls from the forest is Simon.
4. What does Simon try to tell the boys? Simon tries to tell the boys that the beastie is actually inside them.
5. What do the boys do to Simon? What happens to Simon's body? Give details. The boys circle around Simon because they think he's the beastie and he falls off a cliff, and his body makes the sand bloody, and he drifts off to the sea.
6. What happens to the parachutist? The parachutist drifts off to sea.
CHAPTER 10: "The Shell and the Glasses"
1. How does Piggy place the blame of what happened to Simon on Simon himself? Piggy says that it was Simon's fault for crawling out of the woods in the dark, and that Simon was just asking for it doing that.
2. Ralph and Samneric deny being part of the dance, yet Golding gives clues that the boys might have been involved. What are those clues? Why might they join the dance? Clues the boys were involved are that they joined the dance because of peer pressure and everyone around them was doing it so they should too.
3. How does Jack account for the death of Simon? Jack said it was the beast disguised.
4. How do the boys in Jack's tribe protect Castle Rock? They protect Castle Rock by Roger standing at the landing keeping watch.
5. How does Golding show that Ralph is beginning to forget what, up to now, he has considered to be their most important goal? Ralph is starting to forget about the fire and getting rescued. Now his most important goal is to hunt and make everyone happy.
CHAPTER 11: "Castle Rock"
1. Why do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric venture to Castle Rock? They go to Castle Rock to get Piggy's glasses back.
2. What do they take with them as a symbol of their authority? They take the conch with them as a symbol of authority.
3. What happens to Piggy and the conch? The boulder hits Piggy and throws him off a cliff, and the conch shatters.
4. What happens to Samneric during the confrontation? Samneric is tied up, then tortured.
5. Why does Ralph run away? He runs away because Jack threw a spear at him, and tried to kill him.
6. Why does Roger shove his way past Jack, "only just avoiding pushing him with his shoulder? Roger shoves his way past Jack because he's picking a fight.
CHAPTER 12: "Cry of the Hunters"
1. What preparations have Jack and Roger made and what plan do they have for Ralph, according to Samneric? They plan to hunt Ralph and throw their spears at him like he's a pig, and spread in a line across the island and go in a line around the island and hunt him down.
2. What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? He tells them that he will hide in the thicket, and to make sure they don't come near there.
3. What is the situational irony of Samneric's behavior? The situational irony of their behavior is that you think Samneric are on Ralph's side and that they want him to live, but they are selfish and just turn him in so they might not be tortured.
4. What is used in the first attempt to flush Ralph out from the thicket? Their first attempt to flush Ralph from the thicket is to hurl boulders from the top of castle rock down at him.
5. When the first attempt fails, what is the next attempt? The next attempt is to light the thicket on fire.
6. What has drawn the naval captain to their island? What is the situational irony? The smoke and the huge fire drew the naval to their island. This is situational irony because Ralph had been stressing the entire time to have a fire and smoke to get people to notice them, and that's how they were noticed, except it was for the purpose of trying to kill Ralph and not to be rescued.
7. Why is Percival unable to remember his name and address? He was unable to remember his name and address because it had been so long since he had to remember those words, and because he couldn't believe that it was the day he was being rescued.
8. Why is Piggy's fall emphasized? Piggy's fall is emphasized because it is one of the two/three deaths and it was intentional and not an accident.
9. Why does Ralph say that he is in charge of the island? He says he is in charge of the island because he is the only one left who is not barbaric and savage, and because he was the original chief.
10. What comparison is implied at the end of the novel? The comparison that is implied at the end of the novel is that the naval thinks that because they are British they should've done better on this island alone, and he says that he would've done a better job, but that's because he is an adult and they are all kids.