18 terms

Wordly Wise Lesson 13

ardent (adj)
intensely eager; passionate
ardor (n)
passionate intensity of feeling
assail (v)
to trouble in the mind

to attack violently or verbally
asset (n)
anything owned that is of value and can be
sold or otherwise disposed of

a quality that can be used to advantage
barter (v)
to exchange goods or services without the use of money

(n) the exchange of goods or services without the use of money
bonanza (n)
a source of great wealth; something that brings great riches
contagious (adj)
able to be passed easily from one person to another
contemplate (v)
to give careful thought to; to ponder

to have plans to; to intend
deter (v)
to discourage or prevent from taking action
deterrent (n)
anything that prevents or discourages
flair (n)
a natural gift or ability; a talent
forfeit (v)
to be forced to give up or lose

(n) something lost or given up as a result of an error or failing
innovation (n)
something new; a new way of doing something
innovative (adj)
marked by freshness or originality; willing to try new things
mania (n)
an intense or extreme enthusiasm or excitement
stymie (v)
To thwart; to make difficulties for or find problems with
synonymous (adj)
alike or close in meaning; closely related
wrangle (v)
to quarrel in a noisy or angry way