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Dermatitis - types
contact dermatitis, diaper rash, eczema, atopic dermatitis
Contact dermatitis - 2 categories
allergic - red skin, oozing blisters, itchy, swelling of eyes
irritant - skin feels tight, dry and cracking, painful ulcers
Contact dermatitis - causes
allergic - contact with allergen, after first exposure, cosmetics, rubber, latex, copper, poisonous plants
irritant - contact with an irritant, detergents, wax, chemical
Contact dermatitis - treat
allergic: stay away from substance, dr can do allergy patch test to identify substance, wash skin, clothes exposed immediately, calamine
irritant: avoid substances, wear protective gloves, barrier products (vaseline)
Diaper Rash - symptoms
pimply rash, may lead to fungal infection
Diaper rash - causes
contact with urine or feces
tight diapers, antibiotic use, contact with allergen or irritant on bottom
Diaper rash - prevention
change diaper regularly
apply barrier products
clean area with water not wipes
allow area to air dry
incurable condition with red, dry itchy areas
Atopic dermatitis
infancy to early adulthood
type of eczema
Atopic dermatitis - symptoms
infants: red itchy, dry patches on cheeks, ooze when scratched
adults: dry, brown rash on creases (elbows, wrists, knees) bleed and crust when scratched
Atopic dermatitis - treat
cannot be cured
corticosteroid creams and antihistamines to help itchiness
moisturizing creams --> aveeno, neutrogena, pears soap
Atopic dermatitis - preventative
take short baths
not hot water
apply cream immediately
cotton clothes
mild soaps
white flakes in adults, crusty yellow scales on baby's scalp (cradle cap)
Dandruff - causes
family history
stress, fatigue, change in weather, oily skin, infrequent shampooing
Dandruff - treat
shampoo with coal tar, sal acid, selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole
Head Lice
pediculosis, feed on blood from scalp
Head lice - symptoms
itching near back of neck and ears
nits look like dandruff attached to shaft of hair
head lice - treat
Nix, Kwelleda, R&C
treat entire family, repeat after 7-10 days
wash all clothing towels and bedding
bugs that burrow under skin
Scabies - symptoms
severe itching, tiny red bumps, loss of sleep, infection
in folds of fingers, bends a wrists
scabies - treat
Nix or Kwellada cream, apply after bath to the whole body, leave for 8-14 hours
no repeats
pimples on skin
due to hormonal changes+bacteria+oil glands
Types of acne
pomade acne - oil based hair products (coal tar shampoo)
cosmetic acne - daily use of oily make-up or hairspray
occupational acne - materials used in work environment (coal tar, mineral oil)
acne mechanica - friction of clothing
Prevent acne
- wear loose/cotton clothes
- wash bid
- avoid oil-based products
- remove makeup at bedtime
- wash face after eating
Acne - treat
benzoyl peroxide
antibiotics for severe
low dose birth control for thinning hair, irregular periods, acne
UV rays
sunburn - prevent
use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection
longer waves, alters skin colour
shorter wavelengths, sunburn
burns peak 6-20 hours after exposure
more carcinogenic,
not from sun, from artificial sources
wrinkles, scaling, looseness
Hyperpigmentary change
hypermelanosis, irregular splotchy skin
Hypopigmentary change
white scar on back of hear and forearms
mostly elderly
Basal cell carcinoma
non metastatic skin tumours
treated in first few months
Squamous cell carcinoma
back of hangs, forearm, head and neck
history of 3+ blistering sunburns before 19
change in appearance of lesion indicates
--> large, darker, scaly, itchy
Stage 1 - skin
stage 2 - lymph nodes
stage 3 - distant metastases
Ocular damage
damage to eye from sun
lead to: cataracts, cancer
Types of sunscreen
physical: metal-containing sunscreen that repels UV light, ideal for children
chemical: chemicals absorb rays