Hope often sits for hours in extremely rigid positions; during these times she seems to lose contact with the external world and does not respond to people who try to speak to her. At other times she becomes extremely hyperactive and rambles on incoherently. Hope's symptoms are most consistent with those seen in
catatonic schizophrenia
Norton hears disembodied voice all the time that give him strange commands. Yesterday he finished building a concrete landing pad in his backyard for a UFO. The voices have told him that the spacecraft will land over the weekend and take him to a more advanced civilization 27 light years from earth. In this case, the voices that Norton hears are
Which of the following is not one of Costa and McCrae's personality traits:
all of the below are Big Five traits, neuroticism, openness, extroversion, psychoticism psychoticism
Janine has extremely strong moral standards. However, whenever she fails to live up to the high standards she sets for herself, she becomes overwhelmed by feelings of guilt. Freud would most likely suggest that Janine's personality is dominated by her
Larry frequently hears his daughter's stuffed animals talking about him when he is in the hallway outside his daughter's bedroom; Larry is experiencing
The correct order of Freud's psychosexual stages of development is
oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
During WWII, a number of bomber pilots developed night blindness although nothing was found to be wrong with their vision. Which disorder were the pilots most likely to be experiencing?
Conversion disorder
Maslow called the need to fulfill one's potential the need for
A Freudian might explain a compulsive smoker's behavior as being the result of fixation at the
oral stage
The id can be best described as having which of the following statements as its motto?
If it feels good, do it.
Maria is afraid to leave her home to go shopping or even go to work. She avoids all public places. Most likely Maria has
agoraphobia (fear of going out in public)
Behavior that interferes with an individual's social or occupational functioning may be considered to be
maladaptive (hampers ability to function)
The results of Milgrim's Obedience study imply that:
many people will obey an authority figure even if innocent people get hurt
The cartoon character Charlie Brown, with his extreme dread, pessimism, worrying, and brooding, could be diagnosed as having
a generalized anxiety disorder
Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality focuses on all of the following except
the potential for personal growth
Lithium is a
chemical used to control mood swings in patients with bipolar disorder
If she is using the defense mechanisms of reaction formation, a mother who actually hates her son would most likely to be both unaware of her hatred and
act in an extremely loving way toward her son
Albert Bandura's concept of reciprocal determinism is best summarized as
"environments shape humans and humans shape environments"
Boring holes in the skulls using pointed rocks in order to release demons is called
Your friend's mother is afraid of squirrels. While she knows squirrels are basically harmless, she can not control her anxiety when she sees either a real squirrel or a picture of a squirrel. She never took your friend to the local park when he was a child because of the numerous squirrels. Your friend's mother has
phobic disorder
The id is
the primitive, instinctive component of personality
A commonly used projective test in which the subject is asked to examine inkblots and describe what they look like is the
Rorschach Test (ink)
Awed by the grandeur of nature, the hiker experienced a profound emotional high. Maslow called such experiences
peak experiences
The central aspect of Adler's theory of personality is that people
strive to adapt and master life's challenges
Howie M shaved his head and moved into a house next door to his wife and kids where he could avoid their dirt and germs. Howie M is most likely suffering from
Today electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is most likely to be used as a treatment for patients with
major depression who have not responded to antidepressant drugs
All of the following are criticisms of the medical model for defining abnormal behavior except
a. an over emphasis on personal responsibility for own's own behavior b. strictly speaking disease or illness can affect only the body; hence there can be no mental illness c. the inappropriate use of diagnostic labels are pseudo-explanations for abnormal behavior d. the use of derogatory labels.
an over emphasis on personal responsibility for own's own behavior and/or strictly speaking disease or illness can affect only the body; hence there can be no mental illness
Heather has had several headaches recently. She made an appointment with her doctor because she was worried that she might have a serious problem (a brain tumor). Her doctor examined her and determined that she was just having tension headaches. Instead of being reassured, Heather immediately made an appointment with the best neurologist in town to have more definitive tests conducted that would support her self-diagnosis. If Heather has a psychological disorder, it is most likely
What is the name Carl Jung used to identify the level of the unconscious that stores latent memory traces inherited from our ancestral past?
Collective unconscious
The transferring of treatment of mental illness from inpatient institutions to community-based facilities is referred to as
When a person's speech is incoherent and her behavior obscene, when she laughs for no apparent reason and is ridden with hallucinations and delusions, she is most likely a:
catatonic schizophrenia
A major theoretical disagreement Jung and Adler had with Freud concerned Freud's emphasis on
Oscar has had a lifelong fear of patent leather shoes. He comes to you and you decide to confront him with his phobia. You tie him up, roll him into Famous Footwear and dump him into a heap of patent leather shoes. Oscar reacts hysterically, but eventually recovers and is rid of his phobia. You have employed the technique of
client- centered therapy
Psychosomatic disorders involvement
genuine physical illness caused in part by psychological factors
A major drug that has been used to control mood swings in bipolar mood disorders is
That psychologists used the concepts diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis when describing psychological disorders reflects the usefulness of the _________ of abnormal behavior
medical model
Tony believes that he is Thomas Edison, and he is convinced that his neighbors are spies who are trying to steal his inventions. He believes the neighbors break into his house and search for plans for the new inventions when he is not home. Tony's symptoms are most consistent with those seen in
paranoid schizophrenia
__________ is a statistical procedure used by researchers to identify closely related clusters of variables.
Factor analysis
The bystander effect refers to
people are less likely to provide needed help when they are in groups
Which of the following is not an anxiety disorder?
In Jung's theory, emotionally charged images and thought forms that have universal meaning are called
The study by Rosenhan (1973) described in class showed that
our mental health system is biased toward seeing mental illness in all potential patients
Alice has a dog phobia. She is being taught to completely relax and then mentally imagine a dog nearby. Alice is receiving
systematic desensitization
Ivy excitedly tells you that she has been invited to sing at the coronation of the new King of Cyprus. You find this difficult to believe considering Ivy sings terribly, and Cyprus has an elected government, not a monarchy. Ivy's statements are clearly out of touch with reality. It appears that Ivy is experiencing
delusions of grandeur
The major classification system for abnormal behavior is the
diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders
Michael is well known throughout his middle school for being a bright student who frequently disrupts class by answering a teacher's question with a somewhat appropriate wise-crack. He behaves much the same when at baseball practice and boy scout meetings. His tendency to be a class clown in many situations relates to the _________ aspect of personality
Maslow's systematic arrangement of needs, according to priority, in which basic needs must be met before less basic needs are aroused is referred to as
the hierarchy of needs
Bertha believes that when she sleeps at night, space creatures are attacking her and invading her uterus, where they will multiply until they are ready to take over the world. Bertha was chosen for this task, she believes because she is the only one with the power to help the space creatures succeed. Bertha would most likely be diagnosed as _________ schizophrenic
Positive symptoms in schizophrenia include
behavioral excesses such as hallucinations, delusions, and bizarre behavior
Subjects in ___________ study concerning ___________ were instructed to indicate which of three lines matched a standard line in length
Asch's: conformity
psychodynamic personality theories focus on
unconscious mental forces.
id is the pleasure principle as ego is to _____________
reality principle
what level of awareness contains material just beneath the surface?