Vitamin B5 , B6, B7

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Vitamin B5 is also called pantothenic acid
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Vitamin B6 deficiency
He should be supplemented with vitamin B6

Isoniazid interferes with metabolism of vitamin B6 and causes vitamin B6 deficiency in body.
- Vitamin B6 is required for ALA synthase--> which is rate limiting enzyme for Heme synthesis--> Decreased heme synthesis--> formation of sideroblasts ( nucleated erythoblasts with deposition of iron around nuclei ( Last step of heme synthesis involves incorporation of iron...since heme is not synthesized...the iron is deposited in red blood cells)
- Parasthesia is abnormal sensation as numbness, tingling , pain ( indicative of sensory peripheral neuropathy seen in vitamin B6 deficiency.
Image: A 30-year-old male presents with symmetrical paraesthesias in arms and legs. His lab investigation reveals presence of sideroblasts in peripheral smear. He has history of TB and is currently taking isoniazid. What is most likely cause of his symptoms?
A 20 year old HIV positive male is started on directly observed therapy ( DOT) with cycloserine for tuberculosis. Concomittant supplementation of which of the vitamins is neededVitamin B6 Cycloserine is an antibiotic used for treatment of TB and UTI It causes vitamin B6 deficiencyVitamin B7 is also known asBiotinBiotin is required as coenzyme for which class of enzymesCarboxylases ( Carboxylation reactions involve addition of one carbon )