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Clip art

______ is a predefined graphic.

Grow Font

Word provides a(n) ________ button, which increases the font size of selected text each time you click the button.


With a graphic selected, click the Recolor button on the __ tab to display the Recolor gallery.


Each time you press the _______ key, Word carries forward custom tab stos to the next paragraph.

signature block

In a business letter, type the _____ at least four blank lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name.


When an item is placed on the clipboard, the document that it is copied from is called the _______ document.


If an item is pasted into a document, that document is called the ________ document.


Word, by default, places a tab stop at every _____ mark on the ruler.

Mini toolbar

The ____, which automatically appears based on certain tasks you perform, contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document.

Shrink font

If you click the Grow Font button too many times and make the font size too big, you can click the ______ button until the desired font size is displayed.


You can make one color in a graphic _______, that is, removing its color.


To advance rightward from one cell to the next in a table, press the _____ key.


On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a _____ tab stop.

date line, inside address, message, signature block

Essential business letter elements include the _____, _________, _______, and ________.

content control

A(n) _______ contains instructions for filing areas of a template.

Remove Hyperlink

To convert a hyperlink e-mail address to regular text, right-click the e-mail adres and then click ___ on the shortcut menu.


In a business letter, the _________, if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address.


Pressing the __ key instructs Word to replace a building block name with the stored building block entry.

block style

In the ______ letter style, all components of the letter begin flush with the left margin.


Press ________ to create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next physical line, ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions.

Mini toolbar

When you move the mouse pointer into the transparent _____, it changes to a bright toolbar.

handshake, eye contact, posture

Nonverbal communication may include _________, _____________, and ___________.

politics, religion, sexual orientation

In an interview, you should NEVER discuss ____________________, __________, or __________.


You should ________ (always, never) ask questions in an interview.


________ is the most important and helpful thing you can do in an interview.

mini toolbar

The ______, which automatically appears based on certain tasks you perform, contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document.


To change the color of entered text if the mini toolbar is not displayed, use the Font Color button on the ______ tab.

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