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scientific name

by using a _____ biologists can be certain that everyone is discussing the same organism


scientist often requires smaller categories as well as ____,more general categories


common names vary among languages and even among ___ within a single country


The first attempts at standard scientific names often described the ___ characteristics


a ____ is a group of closely related species


Several different classes make up a ___


the ___ is the largest of Linnaeus's classification


____ are similar across all forms of life

evloving independently

scientists have grouped modern organisms according to how long they have been


___ and __ contain unicellular organisms


members of ____ live in extreme environments


the domain ___ corresponds to the kingdom eubacteria

different names for the same region and languages

why might a particular kind of organism have more than one common name

first names and genus are the same

how do you know that the species Ursus Martitmus and Ursus arctos are closely related


How many terms make up the scientific name of a species?how is that name distinguished in print from the common name of a species

no,the genus and species

if you know nothing else about an organism except its scientific name you can immediately determine what genus and family it is in?

they all have a nucleus

what chacteristic is used to place an organism in the domain eukarya?

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