Unit and Fraction Conversions

1/4 as a decimal
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1/50 as a decimal.02 as a fractionHow many feet in one mile?5280 feetHow many feet in one yard?3 feetHow many inches in one foot?12 inchesHow many ounces in a cup?8 ouncesHow many cups in a pint?2 cupsHow many pints in a quart?2 pintsHow many cups in a quart?4 cupsHow many ounces in a quart?32 ouncesHow many quarts in a gallon?4 quartsHow many ounces in a gallon?128 ouncesHow many ounces in a pound (lb)?16 ouncesHow many millimeters in a centimeter?10 millimetersHow many centimeters in a meter?100 centimetersHow many millimeters are in a meter?1000 millimetersHow many meters are in a kilometer?1000 metersA meter is about how many feet?About 3.28 feetA kilometer is about how many miles?About 0.6 milesA mile is about how many kilometers?About 1.6 kilometersA foot is about how many meters?About 0.3 metersA kilogram is about how many pounds (lbs)?About 2.2 poundsOne pound (lb) is about how many kilograms?About 0.45 kilogramsHow many seconds are in a minute?60 secondsHow many minutes are in an hour?60 minutesHow many hours are in one day?24 hoursHow many days are in a year?365.25How many weeks are in a year?52 weeks