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Flashcards for the E-8 EPME test
What types of sunglasses are authorized
The merger of the Revenue Cutter Service and the US Life Saving Service was what year
1915 - pg15
What are the authorized colors for briefcases
- Black, Blue, or Dark Brown
What are the authorized colors for Backpacks
- Black or Navy Blue
Briefcases & Backpacks are carried in what hand and why
Left - so we can salute w/ right
What are the 3 characteristics of a Chief Petty Officer
- Leader, Mentor, Technical Expert
How many units report directly to Headquarters
- 35
What are the 3 categories of the 21 Leadership Competencies
- Self, Working w/ others & Performance
What are the seven steps to operational risk management
- "DIAIEEM" Define Mission tasks, Identify Hazards, Assess Risks, Identify Options, Evaluate Risks vs Gain, Execute Decision and Monitor the Situation
What percentages of mishaps are due to human error
And what percentage is due to unsafe conditions - 88% human, 10% unsafe conditions - pg 26
What does SPE stand for with regard to risk management
Severity - Probability - Exposure
When was the E8 - E9 pay grades established
Public Law 85-422 - May 1958
What are the COMDT's guiding principles?
Steady the service, honor our profession, strengthen our partnerships, respect our shipmates
Readiness means that Coast Guard men and women are capable, competent, and _____ in all mission areas
- Vigilant
The title Chief can be dated back as far as what war
- Civil War 1865
Who does the CO expect to be the eyes and ears of the crew
Chief Petty Officers
How is a jacket to be zipped up
- 2/3rds of the way up
A male's hair cannot exceed __ in bulk and be no longer than__
- 1 & ½" & 4 inches not touch the eyebrows, ears, when hat is removed
A woman's fingernails can be no longer than
¼" past her finger tips
Who appoints a Preliminary Inquiry Officer
What does policy state about the communications between an accused member and their mast rep
Which evaluation category measures a member's willingness to acquire knowledge and use skills
What kind of budget does the Coast Guard use
Zero based budgeting
In the acronym STAAR what do the letters stand for
Spread Out, Transfer, Avoid, Accept, Reduce
How wide can a tie bar be and what color
3/16" of gold or USCG Emblem and not seen in the SDB
Commandants 3 key watch words are
All Threats, All Hazards, Always Ready (Semper Paratus)
The primary purpose of the COMDT awards are to encourage, publicize, recognize, and
Which COMDT quality award (CQA) category measures how an organization addresses its societal responsibilities and community involvement
Who do you submit changes to rating EPQs to
Rating Force Master Chief
What process improvement technique for organizing verbal information into a visual pattern
Affinity Diagram
When choosing team members, how many should there be
A manageable few
The final report will have the final cost, personnel assisting, and
The Coast Guard uses technology to improve productivity and reduce
What are the leadership competencies under "Working with Others" category
Influencing others, Respect for other & diversity management, looking out for others, effective communication, group dynamics, leadership theory, and mentoring
Headphones can only be used when
Commuting to and from work
Which of the following process improvement techniques is used to generate ideas concerning an issue or concern that capitalizes on a negative thought
Contingency Diagram
What public law established the E8 - E9 pay grades
Public Law 85-422
Which of the following items is one of the core values measured by the COMDT'S Quality Award Program
Business Results
Who was the first Master Chief in the CG
YNCM Jack Kerwin
What directorate does the CG Institute fall under
Human Resources
List all the leadership competencies under the "SELF" Category
- Aligning Values, Follower ship, Health & Well being, Personal Conduct, Self Awareness & Learning, Technical Proficiency
List all the leadership competencies under the "Working w/ Others" Category
Influencing Others, Respect for Others, Diversity Management, Looking out for others, Effective Communication, Group Dynamics, Leadership Theory, Mentoring
What color are cuff links
- Plain Gold or CG Related
List all the Leadership competencies under the "Performance" Category
Vision Development and Implementation, Customer Focus, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Conflict Management, Performance Appraisal, Management and Process Improvement, Workforce Management Systems.
What percent of all mishaps are due to unsafe conditions not identified by people
Name the 5 roles of the Coast Guard
Maritime Safety, Maritime Mobility, Protection of Natural Resources, Maritime Security, and National Defense.
What offense should a CG-4910 not be used to report
Misconduct involving a serious offense
The COMDT'S watch word readiness means
Coasties are capable, competent, and vigilant in all mission areas
The COMDT'S watch word people means
CG is committed to people and people are committed to the CG
The COMDT'S watch word stewardship means
CG is aligned top to bottom and bottom to top embracing technology, effective management to achieve measurable outcomes
How many major headquarter directorates report to COMDT
Book says 15 major headquarters directorates - Headquarters Directorates are 11 highlighted in Yellow
The MCPOCG serves as program manager for professional career development with what HQ office
When was the CG's CPO grade officially made
55th Congress officially approved it on May 18, 1920
Where can the ODU uniform be worn off base
Only during brief stops for gas or a drive through business
What are the authorized styles and colors for the CG foot wear
- Oxfords, pumps, flats, boots-all well blackened and edges dressed
Socks are to be of what color
- Only black must show
What earrings are authorized for female members
- 1 per ear, centered, plain gold or silver or brushed matte finish, plain diamond or white pearl ball, 4-6 mm (1/8" to ¼ ") diameter
What is the wearing of bracelets limited to
- Medical alert or required for military purpose, POW/MIA allowed
When are plain black retainer straps authorized
For FOD protection and safety, worn snugly against the back of the head
Backpacks are only authorized to wear while at what unit's
Training Center or the CG Academy
What are the CG regulations for umbrellas
Handle must be straight handle, plain black or navy blue and carried in the left hand.
Are cell phones authorized if participating in ceremonial details
Are side burns authorized if participating in ceremonial details
When ODU sleeve are rolled, how many inches wide should the exposed cuffs be and where should it stop
3" wide, 2" above the elbow
If CG blue t-shirt is authorized with ODU what must be stenciled and where
USCG on the left chest in ¾" white block letters
What are the regulations concerning men's hair
Tapered from natural hairline upwards, ¾" not greater than, ¾ in out, bulk 1 ½", no longer than 4" cannot touch ears or collar, or below eyebrows when uncovered
Is a pony tail authorized on a female
Yes, single pony tail secured to the head
Who is permitted to wear wigs or hairpieces
What is a common grooming problem for men
Sideburns and mustaches out of regulations
What must a PIO advise a person named as a suspect on a CG-4910
Their rights under Article 31b
The PIO may suggest which 4 recommendations for a CG-4910
Mast, Court Martial, Dismissal, or CG-3307 "page 7" Administrative Remarks
List 5 categories of the CPO EER
- Military, Performance, Professional Qualities, Conduct & Leadership
Name the factors listed under Performance
- Professional/Specialty Knowledge, Professional Development, Administrative Ability, Using Resources, Monitoring Work, Safety & Occupational Health, Stamina, Communicating, Organization
List the factors under Professional Qualities
Health & Well-Being, Integrity, Loyalty, Respecting Others, Human Relations, Adaptability, Judgment
List the factors under Leadership
Directing Others, Working with Others, Responsibility, Evaluations, Developing Subordinates, Work Life Sensitivity/Expertise, Setting an Example
Identify the 4 direct access screens under the employee review option
- Employee Review, Reviewer, Comments, Exceptions
After compiling data to justify a need for funding, be sure to include what
- Impact of Denial Statement
What are the 2 COMDT awards
- The Quality Award Program and Performance Challenge Collaborative Assessment
What is the primary purpose of the COMDT Awards
- Educate, encourage, publicize, and recognize
What criteria does the COMDT's award program use
- Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards criteria
List the 7 core values and concepts of the COMDT's award program
- Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer Focus, Information & Analysis, Human Resources Focus, Process Management, Business Results
What manual do you use to identify required training on cutters
- Cutter Training & Qualification Manual, COMDTINST M3502.4 (series)
What manual do you use to identify required training at small boat stations
- USCG Boat Operations and Training Manual (BOAT) Volume I, COMDTINST 16114.32 & Volume II, COMDTINST 3710.4B
What manual do you use to identify required training at marine safety units
- Marine Safety Manual Vol 1, Admin & Management, COMDTINST M16000.6, Vol II, Material Inspection COMDTINST M160007A
What percent of the enlisted workforce was required to perform a given task for it to be an E-PME practical factor
- 30%
List the 5 process improvement tools
- Brainstorming, Why Technique, Contingency Diagram, Affinity Diagram, Force Field Analysis
List the 3 types of brainstorming techniques
- Structured, Unstructured, Silent
What is a reason you would use the why technique
- Identify root cause of a problem, see how different cause and related
What are the reasons you would use a contingency diagram
- Develop an action plan, deal with negative people
What are the reasons you would use an affinity diagram
- Organize and give structure to a list of factors that contribute to a problem, identify key areas where improvement is needed.
What is an affinity diagram used for
- Organizing verbal information into a visual pattern
What does force field analysis do
- Helps identify and visualize relationships between significant forces influencing a problem
List 2 reasons you would use force field analysis
- Identify key factors that hinder or promote the solution of a problem or achievement of a goal, identify improvement opportunities.
Name a tool you can use to best develop an action plan
- Contingency Diagram
How should a team leader choose members of a team
- Choose members with wide fields of expertise from natural diversity of personnel
Which meeting is the most important one
- First meeting
What are some of the tasks to be completed during the first meeting
- List tasks to be accomplished, list all necessary resources, timeline for accomplishment, with set of milestone for evaluating effectiveness, risks involved.
After completing a project what should be included in the final report
- Accomplishments, final cost, personnel who assisted
What two new EER factors were recently added to the PO EER
- Professional Development, Judgment and Imitative
What should be included in a project plan for the Command to review
- Who will do what, and date due, estimate costs, necessary resources, including those to be procured, address any risks, timeline, including milestones
What are some of the aspects of the COMDT's watch word Readiness
- MHLS< MDA using C4ISR, C3, Future readiness, Strategic Partnerships
What are some of the aspects of the watch word People
- Emphasize Training, Education, and Professional Growth
What are some of the aspects of the watch word Stewardship
- Drive toward customer-focused and outcome-based operations, Embracing innovation, technology, and effective management
What are the 11 HQ Directorates that report to COMDT
- Chief of Staff, Civil Rights, Governmental & Public Affairs, Acquisition, Intelligence, Chief Counsel, Integrated Deepwater System, Marine Safety & Environmental Protection, Operations, Systems, Human Resources all the boxes in Yellow on page E7-6
When was YMCM Kerwin advanced to MC
- Nov 01, 1958
When was the first SWE held for E-9
- August 5, 1958
When was the second SWE held
- Feb, 1959
When did they advance
- May 16, 1959
What type of cuff links is authorized
- Plain gold or CG related
What type of shirt studs is authorized
- Plain gold or natural white pearl
What is the role of a Mast Rep
- Preparing for & representing the accused members side of the matter, Can also speak for the member
What part of the Manual for Courts Martial list the Mast Reps duties
- Part 5
What may the Mast Rep do
- Questions witnesses, submit questions to ask witnesses, present evidence, make statements to CO in mitigation or extenuation, make statements geared to CO.
What must a PIO ensure
- Ensure CG-4910 section entitled information concerning accused is properly completed, review elements of each accusation and ensure they are met or not met, must advise member of their rights, question witnesses and gather evidence, correct CG-4910 as necessary, complete PIO section of CG-4910, and if new offenses are found, inquire about them
What are the factors under Military in a CPO EER
- Military bearing and custom and courtesies
What are the common characteristics for PO EER's
- Communication, Responsibility, Directing Others, Working w/ others, Developing Subordinates, Looking out for others, setting an example, military bearing, customs and courtesies, integrity, loyalty, respecting others, human relations
What are some of the characteristics of the employee review tab
- Effective date, from/to date, review type, rating scale
Reviewers tab
- Evaluation type, Employee ID, Competencies Ratings,
- For internal routing only
- Supervisors EMPLID, Validate eval, submit button
What are the advantages to a zero-based budget
0 Eliminates sense of "entitlement", fosters improved cost containment, promotes increased discipline in developing budgets, encourages more meaningful budget discussions during planning and review sessions
What are some variable and fixed expenses
- Utilities, maintenance, projects, office supplies
What should you include in your budget request
- Justified in writing your need for funding, impact of denial statement
What are two close alignments with the M BNQA
- Foster cooperation and exchange of information between public and private sector organizations, ensure the best practices of high-performing organizations are reflected in the government
What are the management aspects addressed by the award criteria
- Customer and Mission-related performance, productivity and efficiency in the use of all resources, speed and flexibility, service and product quality, cost effectiveness, overall program and financial performance
What manual deals with the E-PME
What manual deals with Rating EPQ's
- COMDTINST M1414.8 Chapter 4
What is brainstorming
- Group idea-generation technique, relying on non-judgmental generation of ideas. Promotes creative thinking, enthusiastic participation, avoidance of "analysis paralysis"
What are the 8 steps of brainstorming
- Post the problem or topic, write all ideas on a board and do little to no editing, solicit ideas, reduce the list to the most important items, combine similar items.
What are the 6 steps to the Contingency Diagram
- Select a situation, Draw a diagram, Brainstorm, Enter each action, List Specific Actions, Develop an action plan
What is an important aspect of the Affinity Diagram
- Start with a specific idea and work towards a broad category, opposite of cause and effect
What are the 6 steps to an Affinity Diagram
- Identify the problem, Generate ideas, Cluster your ideas, Create cards, Cluster your related cards, Create a diagram
What are the four steps of a Force Field Analysis
- Define the objective, list the force, prioritize, implement.
Readiness means that CG men & women are capable, ______, & ______ in all missions areas
- Vigilant & Competent
The CG also ensures the creative infusion of technology in all mission areas to enhance productivity and reduce________
- Workloads
The Commandant, a four star Admiral, plans supervises, and ______ the overall activities of the CG
- coordinates
The nautical origin of the CPO goes back to April 1, 1893, when the _____ created this rank
CPO was created to resolve the clash between the "Surfman" of the ______ & the "Petty Officer" of the Revenue Cutter Service
- Lifesaving Service
Station keepers were given the title Chief Boatswains Mate (CBM) with an (L) for ____
- Lifesaving
CPO was created to resolve the clash between the "surfman" of the life saving service and the "Petty Officer" of the ______
- Revenue Cutter Service
The title "Chief" can be traced back to
- 1865 during the Civil War
The first Chiefs were former station keepers of
- Lifesaving Service
The chief walks the fine line between, _____, _____ & _____
- Leader, Mentor, Technical Expert
_____ support Command policy & point out flaws that are detrimental to moral and missions
- Chiefs
The CPO should what __________________
- Support command policy and point out flaws that are detrimental to morale and mission
Headphones may only be worn while _______ as a passenger
- Commuting
Women's fingernails are to be clean and not extend more than ___ beyond the fingertip
- ¼"
Which item is not allowed for wear with the Coast Guard uniform
- Decorative or colored pearls
Men's hair can be no longer than _____ inches
- 4 inches
Women's hair bulk cannot exceed ____ inches
- 2 inches
The PIO must advise the person named on the CG-4910 of his or her rights under ______ before asking any questions
- Article 31b
CG policy states that communication between the accused and his/her mast representative must be _______ in the same way communications between and attorney and client
- Privileged
A Preliminary Inquiry Officer (PIO) is a member of the command designated by the ______ to conduct a preliminary inquiry based on the offense alleged on CG-4910
- XO
The Mast Representative may not
Act as Official legal counsel
Ability to bring credit through personal demeanor and professional actions
- Military
Willingness to acquire knowledge and the ability to use knowledge, skill and direction to accomplish work
- Performance
You should include in your departmental budget; utilities, maintenance _______ and office supplies
- Projects
The CG employs _________, with this financial approach, manages develop their budgets from the ground up, building a case for spending as if no base line existed
- Zero Based Budgeting
You need to submit a _____________________ for all items requested
- Impact of denial statement
The "S" in STAAR stands for
- Spread out
The "R" in STAAR stands for
- Reduce
The competency categories are Performance, Self, and ____________
- Working w/ others
Which of the following falls under the Performance category of the Leadership competencies
- Conflict Management
How the organization addresses it's societal responsibilities and community involvement is through ________
- Leadership
What analysis is required to document the performance of the EPQ
After completing a thorough review of your rating's EPQ's submit your recommended changes to the ____________
- Rating Force Master Chief:
Structured Brainstorming uses what method to gather new ideas
- Solicit 1 idea from each person
The Why technique is used to ________________
- Identify the root cause problem
The Contingency diagram is used to __________
- Deal with negative people
An ___ is a technique for organizing verbal information into a visual pattern
- Affinity Diagram
A project's success normally hinges on the strength of it's
- Leadership
A list of all necessary resources is determined _____
- at first team meeting
A list of all necessary risks is determined ____
- at the first team meeting
The total number of team members needs to be ____
- A manageable few.
Admiral Allen is the ____ person to serve as Commandant
- 23rd
Admiral Robert Papp Jr is the ____ person to serve as Commandant
- 24th
Who directs the policy & administration of the CG under the general supervision of the secretary of the DHS
- The Commandant
Which office is responsible for the enforcement of laws & treaties, investigations, and security
- Office of Law Enforcement & Defense Operations
What war was the title chief first used
- Civil war
When did congress establish the E8/E9 pay grades
- May 1958 Civil Lay 85-422
T or F - The CPO is the eyes and ears of the Command
- T
Briefcases are to be black, blue or ___ and carried in the ____ hand
- Dark Brown/ Left
Under what article does a PIO advise a member of their rights
- Article 31 (b)
What is the form number of the CPO self-evaluation form
- CG 3788F
How many days before the end of the marking period to have the support form to the supervisor
- 14 days
In direct access after completing the reviewers tab what tab do you select next
- Comments
When compiling your budget what form must be submitted
- Impact of denial statement
What is the first step of the ORM process
- Define mission task
What does the "R" in STARR stand for
- Reduce
How many leadership competencies are there
- 28
The Commandant's Quality Award program uses what criteria
- Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
What management aspects are addressed by the award
- These are under requirements 10-8.01-K
What are the Commandant's Quality Award Criteria
- These are under requirement 10-8.02-K
T or F - All CG units are required to conduct commandant-directed training such as sexual harassment and civil rights training
- True
Soliciting one idea from each person is what kind of brainstorming
- Structured
What technique do you use to find the root cause of a problem
- The Why Technique
What diagram is a technique for generating ideas concerning an issue or concern that capitalized on negative thought
- Contingency Diagram
A project's success normally hinges on the strength of what
- Leadership
E-PME requirements are required to be documented by ___ percent of the enlisted work force at the pay grade at which was written
- 30%
EPQ requirements are required to be documented by ___ % of the enlisted work force at the pay grade at which it was written
- 30%
What are the 5 performance evaluation factors
- Military, Performance, Professional Qualities,
What are the three watchwords in the Commandant's direction
Readiness, Stewardship, People.
How many major Headquarters directorates are below the Commandant