what is ABA (applied behavior analysis)
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While I was a swim instructor I worked with a child that had challenging behaviors. When working with the child I made sure I praised good behavior and focused on positive reinforcement. Additionally, I always made sure I remained patient and worked to find the best solution when facing these behaviors.

- the child did not like being told what to do

I also communicated with parents to see if we could work together to find a solution
My town in is very close-knit due to its small size. Because it was so close-knit I grew up with many of the same people from elementary school all the way to high school and got to know many of the children very well including special education students. Many of the special education students were put into my gym class and lunch and I was able to make friends with a lot of the students. Because I liked interacting with the special education students so much I joined Best Buddies.

I have also worked with autistic children while I was a swim instructor and had to adapt in order to successfully teach them.