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U.S. Constitution Study Guide

Identify the 2 Houses of The United States Congress
House of Representatives
How many Senators are to a state?
How long is a Senators term of office?
6 Years
How many US House Members are appropriated?
Based on Population
How long is a term for a House of Representative?
2 Years
How long is the President's term length?
4 Years
How much is the President's term limits?
2 Times
I our system of Checks and Balances who can remove the President by impeaching?
House of Reprentatives Impeach
Senator do the trial
In our system of Checks and Balances who can check the courts by pardoning?
President or Govenor
In our system of Checks and Balances who can remove the Federal Judges?
Majority of House of Reprsentatives
2/3 vote of Senate
In our system of Checks and Balances who can declare laws unconstitutional?
Judicial Branch
In our system of Checks and Balances who has the power to veto bills?
In our system of Checks and Balances who has a lifetime appointment?
Federal Judges
When are General Election held?
Changes to the Constitution are called?
How many Amendements are there?
How many articles are there?
What are the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment?
Freedom of: Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly, Petition
What are the legal rights of an arrested person in the 5th Amendment?
Criminal Process
What are the legal rights of an arrested person in the 6th Amendment?
Garantee jury, Criminal Proceeding, Due Process, Eminant Process
What is the 22nd Amendment?
Presidential Tenure - President can serve 2 Terms.
What are the 3 levels of Federal Courts?
How is the Federal government's power cheked or limited?
Checks and Balances
What are the 3 parts of the US Constitution?
What is Aricle I about in the Constitution?
What is Article II about in the Constitution?
What is Article III about in the Constitution?
What is the Magna Carta?
Monarchy is not absolute, jury trial, and due process
What is the Marbury v. Madison case establish?
Judicial Review
What is Presidential Succession?
Scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled
Where are the Bill of Rights?
Article 1 Section 7
What are the roles and duties of Vice-President?
Wait for the President to leave position
Rule the Senate
Who whas the sovereignty in our Political system?
The People
What are the Enumerated Powers of Congress?
Collect tax, Borrow Money, Regulate Trade, Bankruptcy, Coin Money, Establish post provide military and militia, necessary and proper laws, delare laws
Where are the Enumerated Powers of Congress?
Article 1 Section 8
What is the 10th Amendment?
Powers Reserved to the State
States getting Power
What is the 4th Amendment?
Searches and Seizures
Who was the 1st President of US, under the current Constitution?
George Washington
How many members comprise the US Supreme Court?
Hwat was the purpose of the 3/5 compromise?
Every 3 slaves counts as 1 vote
Where is the seat of the Federal Government (Capitol)?
Washington D.C.
Who is the Father of the US Constitution?
James Madison
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
How many electoral votes does Missouri have?
What is Popular Sovereignty?
The people's will, wil prevail
What is the Total number of members of US Senate?
100, 2 for each state.
What is the Total number of members in the US House of Reps?
What is Federalism?
A system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central or rational government and several regional governments.
In what city was the Constitution and Declaration written?
What is the Leadership position in the House of Representatives?
Speaker of the House
What is the Leadership position in the Senate?
Vice President
Who is the President of the US (the current president's name)?
Barak Obama
What is the current President's political party?
Who is the Vice-President (the current Vice-President's name)?
Joe Biden
Who is the Speaker of the House (the current Speaker's name)?
John Bahner
Who is the Presidental Pro Tempore (the current Presidental Pro Tempore name)?
Daniel K. Inouye
Who is the Senate Majority Leader (the current Leader's name)?
Harry Reid
Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (the current Chief Justice's name)?
John G. Roberts
Who are the 2 Missouri Senators in the US Senate?
Claire McCaskell
Roy Blunt
Who Reprents the 5th District of MO in the US House of Preprestatives?
Emanuel Cleaver